For the First Time In 90 Years, The Greek Theatre Is Canceling Its Entire Season

Greek Theatre
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Greek Theatre
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Photo Credit: Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles is canceling its entire 2020 season — for the first time in 90 years.

The iconic theater will not host any events this year per California state guidelines. “We had hoped to celebrate our 90th anniversary season of providing live entertainment for the citizens of Los Angeles. We feel it is the right, responsible, and safe thing for fans, artists, staff, and Griffith Park community to pause on live, large crowd events until 2021,” says Los Angeles Parks Executive AP Diaz.

The Greek Theatre says it will use this time to refresh, reset, and work with partners to reschedule events.

The move comes just two weeks after the Hollywood Bowl decided to cancel its 2020 season as well. The move was widely expected, and multiple events slated for the Bowl had already come and gone. A Kesha concert – scheduled for May 5th – and a Norah Jones show — slated for May 22nd — were both canceled.

The Greek Theatre’s schedule is divided into three categories. Some dates have been rescheduled to 2021, others have not been rescheduled yet, and others are being taken off the books entirely. Postponed events include shows by the Goo Goo Dolls and Alicia Keys as well as the Netflix Is A Joke Fest.

Here’s a rundown of flat-out canceled Greek Theatre events.

  • Kesha
  • Local Natives & Foals
  • Norah Jones
  • Above & Beyond
  • Melanie Martinez
  • Gladys Knight
  • Funk N The Greek
  • Smokey Robinson
  • AJR
  • NF

The Greek Theatre says attendees should hang on to their tickets for postponed and rescheduled events. The original ticket will be valid for any new event dates. Anyone who has ticket inquiries should contact their point of purchase. You can see a full listing and status of this year’s shows by visiting The Greek Theatre website.

You can bet more cancellations will continue to roll in as the coronavirus death toll climbs, despite re-openings across multiple states.

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