Baltimore Orioles Cancel Diplo Performance Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Baltimore Orioles Diplo
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Baltimore Orioles Diplo
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Photo Credit: Jose Morales

The Baltimore Orioles have cancelled an upcoming Diplo performance amid sexual assault allegations.

The team tweeted on Friday that the July 24 performance at Oriole Park at Camden Yards is cancelled. “Fans who purchased field passes with game tickets to the Diplo concert on July 24 will receive a refund,” the tweet reads.

The Baltimore Orioles did not specify why the concert was cancelled. But the cancellation came just hours after the Baltimore Sun published a scathing letter to the editors asking how the team could continue with the concert.

“The Orioles always promote being a family-friendly entertainment option in our great city. They also have done great things for women and women’s rights, including celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s voting rights,” the letter begins.

“This is very concerning in light of the news that came out on July 7 that Diplo is accused of sexual assault after he forced a fan to perform oral sex on him after a show in Vegas in 2019, which she claimed he filmed. If the Orioles are such a family-friendly team, and truly care about women, they need to separate themselves from Diplo and stand up and cancel this post-game concert.”

Diplo is accused in a lawsuit of recording a sexual encounter with a woman and releasing it online. The woman also alleges that she received sexually transmitted infections, including chlamydia and HPV, as a result of their sexual encounters.

“Diplo is a highly successful songwriter and record producer. He is also a middle-aged white man who targets very young Black women and girls for sexual assault,” the lawsuit obtained by Rolling Stone reads.

“Diplo solicited [the plaintiff] for sex when she was underage. Later, he had sex with her twice, without disclosing that he had sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which he gave to her. When she spoke out about his abusive behavior, he retaliated against her by posting photos of her vagina and breasts on social media without her consent.”

Diplo’s lawyer says the allegations made in the lawsuit is “part of an ongoing campaign by one person.” He says the lawsuit is an attempt to extort his client into paying. “He will not be extorted or harassed by her any longer,” says lawyer Bryan Freedman.

Whether the allegations are true or not, the Baltimore Orioles want nothing to do with Diplo. It’s interesting to see an organization respond to criticism so fast too, since the event was cancelled the same day the letter was published.

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  1. Tu Soon?

    Means nothing to me since I cancelled woke athletes and their leagues. They can have their racist BLM happy dances without me.

    • Idiot Detector

      You canceled the use of your brain and any common sense a long time ago.

      • Wendy

        Ignore him. He posts stupid stuff all the time. He really needs attention – probably something his parents never gave him. Poor sad, lost soul, he is.

    • Anonymous

      I’m bet you worship those “woke” athletes behind closed doors

      • Tu Soon?

        Was a huge sports fan—college hoops, MLB, NHL in particular. Woketard athletes with IQs in the single digits started calling me a racist, so I decided to read more.

        BLM is a criminal organization with one goal: to destroy America and capitalism.

  2. Burt

    Ha! MLB All-Star Game had the lowest ratings ever.

    I guess fans do not want to watch Johnny Billionaire preach socialism and hatred of the United States.

    • Idiot Detector

      Wrong yet again. Numbers were down the same rate as cord-cutting was up and the game wasn’t broadcast on a free outlet to those people. Hmm. It’s amazing what a little research will do.

      Your idiot agenda is consistently showing holes. You’re weak and pathetic. Socialism? Ha! Good one…from someone who participates in socialist programs that the government has had in place for decades. My taxes go to something that you take advantage of – socialism. Jeez, you’re stupid.

      • Dina

        Don’t give that guy any response. He’s really just hungry for someone to pay him some attention. He comments under a number of different names, but it’s the same lame, fake messages. I think his upbringing was poor and his parents realized he was no good early on.

        • Ben

          I think he has too much time on his hands – no skills, no job, no education. At least, his level of ignorance says he has no common sense or rational thought process.

      • Joe Sixpack


  3. Burt

    Black Lives Matter was founded by Marxists and wants to impose violent communism in the US.

    And, MLB endorses BLM….all while making billions on capitalism.

    Fuk professional athletes and their ignorant and privileged opinions. Fuk BLM.