‘Nearly All’ Grateful Shred Members Test Positive for COVID-19 After Indoor Concert

Grateful Shred COVID-19
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Grateful Shred COVID-19
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Photo Credit: The Moroccan Lounge

Nearly all band and crew members of the Grateful Shred cover band are COVID-19 positive after an indoor show.

The news follows several shows that were held on July 15th-18th. For its July 15th gig, the band played at The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles for an ‘intimate’ audience of around 100 people. The group also performed at outdoor shows in Ojai and Felton, California.

Now, a notice posted to the band’s Facebook page announced the news. “As many of you have already heard, a number of people have tested positive for COVID-19 who attended our California shows this past weekend,” the Facebook post reads.

“Nearly all of the band and crew have also tested positive and are at home recovering with their families. If you were at any of these events, please get a test and if you’re feeling sick, stay home,” the post continues.

Fans of the Grateful Shred are confirming they tested positive after attending the indoor event.

“For anyone who was at the shows, I know some non-band member folks who were at the indoor Moroccan show and tested positive, but people I know who were only at Ojai (myself included) are all testing negative,” reads one post.

Another fan confirmed a positive test after attending the indoor Moroccan show. “Yep I was at the Moroccan and Ojai shows and tested positive Tuesday despite being fully vaccinated. Had fever, chills, and flu like symptoms until this this Thursday, but all better now except I still have no smell,” a post on the band’s Instagram reads.

“Sounds like a lot of folks came away with the door prize. My buddy joked when we were there that it would be a ‘super shredder’. After an uneasy laugh… we both split. Obviously not soon enough. That club has zero ventilation, so I guess I’m not surprised. I hope everyone comes out the other end okay,” reads another.

William Tyler also announced that he tested positive and will be canceling his upcoming shows.

“Y’all I hate this but — despite following all CDC guidelines in the last year and being fully vaccinated, I received a positive Covid test this morning. Effective immediately, I am canceling all my shows in the next week,” his tweet reads.

The uptick in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County is on the rise, hitting 2,000 new daily cases due to the delta variant. The new variant makes up over 80% of cases in Los Angeles county. 90% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated.

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  1. David Weinberg

    Is the Felton Music Hall not also an indoor venue?

  2. KSQD 90.7FM Santa Cruz

    From the Felton Music Hall…
    In addition to the band, we have had multiple confirmed cases of Covid 19 from people that attended our concert on July 18th. Over the weekend we sent out two emails keeping ticket purchasers informed. What started as one person feeling symptoms has turned into a couple of confirmed cases. We encourage anyone that attended that show to go and get tested.

    • Idiot Detector

      Sounds like the virus is completely gone…not that there every was a pandemic, of course. Idiot.

    • Stan

      Most uneducated comment during the COVID crisis! You non vaccinated Trump lovers are an embarrassment to self, your families and any friends if you have any left. You only care for yourself! COVID is a great cause which exposes those who only care for self and mouth off with no backed up medical facts. But, this new rise in COVID cases is showing that the non vaccinated science mind isn’t standing up to what they thought was ‘science’. It never was science for the non vaccinated humans; it was and is blatant uneducated arrogance! Can’t wear a mask and get a shot. Pure laziness! Thank you for displaying your narcissistic personality, you’re proving to the mask and vaccinated individuals that non vaccinated individuals are getting sick and many dying. In the long run, you know you’re COVID science is at a kindergarten level. Your comment displays ‘panic’ due to your COVID logic is running into a brick wall. See what happens when you don’t wear a mask or get vaccinated? You do know, and you do know you’re wrong in your lethargic thinking and life style. Non mask wearers and non vaccinated humans are a disgrace to America and the world. Stupid comment; as I can hear you state it in a slow, lethargic deep southern hick accent. Dumb dumb comment! thanks for the laugh.

      • Trump Won

        Non-vaccinated Trump lovers?

        Excuse me, but everybody “testing positive” these days appears to be a Lefty. I doubt most people in LA going to see a Grateful Dead cover band are Trumpsters. Those Democrat statehouse politicians in Texas who disappeared and supposedly got Covid weren’t Trumpsters. They said they were vaccinated, but I’d be surprised if that was true.

      • Benj

        Wow, bitter! Some of us CANNOT take the vaccine due to other injuries and complications, but are still wearing masks and taking precautions. AND we’re not all Trump supporters. Your hateful vitriol shows that you’ve already dismissed any concerns and that you feel it’s time to lay out your hatred for all to see. WHY be like that??? Don’t forget those wise souls who reminded us to BE KIND.

      • Benj

        Stan, seriously… everything about your comment reveals your deep and unequivocating bias. “Lethargic deep southern hick accent”? “Kindergarten level”? These phrases are INCREDIBLY prejudiced! Would that you were a more thoughtful person, with a better grasp of NUANCE.

  3. I Am The Virus

    Tested positive?

    Looks like the authorities are “juicing” the test results again to create panic headlines in order to scare everybody.

    • Idiot Detector

      Looks like you’re guessing, not knowing anything other than what you read and deny.

  4. Charlie

    Were vaccines required for entry at these shows? Seems like a major omitted detail. Was the band vaccinated?

    • Julie Tartan

      Vaccines were not required to enter the show and not all of their staff had gotten the shot yet. Found this on another website with more info.

      • Hillard

        And the anti-vaccination group stated masks don’t help and neither does getting vaccinated. WOOPS! Not too bright in the thinking area as the non mask wearers and non vaccinated kept thinking they knew their science. Anti vaccinated people are displaying panic and shear lack of true education in their comments and so said self-scientific knowledge. The more they comment the more mentally lethargic they appear. What total laziness and pride of self. But, now the factual scientific facts are slapping the non vaccinated and non-mask wearers across their uneducated brain. They need to learn to shut up with their basic comments that have been used over and over again which shows hatred for others. All talk and no facts. The facts are now coming out embarrassing the non maskers and non vaccinated thought processes their and slim-lined educational knowledge. Your moments coming. Hang on to your butt! Please study more before you comment.

        • PMS

          Masks don’t work and have never worked. here are the studies:

        • Benj

          Hateful words – so sad! YOU WOULD THINK with the Dead ethic that people could SPEAK TO EACH OTHER with KINDNESS.

    • Fluffy

      No, and saldy one of teh band members is anti-vaxx and caused this whole debacle.

      • Benj

        Yes and that one got all the vaccinated band members sick? The article clearly states that vxxed band members got sick.

  5. Dr. Fraudci

    Deaths from Covid remain at an all-time low. 99.4% of infected survive, and nearly 70% have no symptoms. The plunge in Covid-related deaths plunged BEFORE the vaccine was available to the public.

    Follow the science? Fuk yea….Covid is dead and was never a threat. You maskholes are psychotic lunatics.

    • Betty Brown

      Zzzzz….same bullshit from you, different day. When will you be one of the .6%? Tell your conclusion to those people who are still getting sick, having long term issues or dying. You are the lunatic.

      • The REAL Angelito

        Shut down your own fucking world, commie bitch.

  6. Dr. Fraudci

    There is not a single study that shows masks did anything to slow the spread of covid. Not one.