2K Teams Up With SoundCloud to Find New Music Talent for NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 music
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NBA 2K22 music
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Photo Credit: 2K

2K is teaming up with SoundCloud to find new musical talent for NBA 2K22.

Artists are encouraged to submit their original music for consideration. “The NBA 2K soundtrack has evolved in recent years as a true platform for music discovery, where our players can experience tracks from new and aspiring musicians to some of the biggest global superstars out there,” says David Kelly, Senior Manager of Global Partnerships and Music Licensing at 2K.

“This year, we are collaborating with SoundCloud, a top discovery platform for independent music and a leader in the industry as one of the most artist-forward platforms out there. By joining forces with them, NBA 2K is looking to inspire these artists to create new music that has an impact and gives them the potential opportunity to be heard by millions of our players.”

Emerging artists can submit their music to 2K and SoundCloud on the official 2K Beats: The Search website.

SoundCloud Repost artists are encouraged to submit their music through the Pitch to Partners tab. Aspiring artists are also encouraged to tag @NBA2K and @SoundCloud on social media with the hashtag #2KBeatsTheSearch. Winning artists will have their track added to the NBA 2K22 soundtrack.

“SoundCloud’s role in breaking music and connecting a young, diverse, and influential community of artists and fans is unrivaled,” says Shauna Alexander, Global Vice President of Brand Partnerships at SoundCloud. “Coupled with the NBA 2K soundtrack, a top place to uncover what’s new in music, ‘2K Beats: The Search’ offers artists on SoundCloud an incredible opportunity to reach a wider audience and engage with new fanbases.”

2K Beats: The Search – Eligibility Requirements

Interested artists can submit as many tracks as they want by December 15, 2021. The contest is only open to residents of the United States, Australia, Belgium, Japan, Canada (excluding Quebec), China, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, and Spain. Participants need to be 18 years or older.

“Individuals who are under any recording or publishing agreement or who are a member of any union having jurisdiction over the creation, recording or use of the song, including without limitation, music publishers and record companies are not eligible to participate.”

How to Enter

Artists who want to submit work need to write and record a two to four minute performance of an original composition or melody. The song will be judged for inclusion in the 2K NBA 2K22 soundtrack.

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  1. Johnny

    How old are you? Can we see a photograph? Can you wiggle your butt good? FIRST THREE QUESTIONS you get from the Record companies in the new and dreadful music business. GOOD music is no longer an important consideration!!

    • Ned

      You forgot the most important question – how many followers do you have any social platform?

      I don’t think they ask about talent any longer.