Winamp Is Now Selling Its Original 1.0 Skin as an NFT

Winamp NFT
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Winamp NFT
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Photo Credit: Winamp Foundation

The Winamp Foundation is selling a unique NFT of the original 1.0 Winamp skin.

Winamp says it plans to launch its new platform in June 2022. “Winamp’s mission is to empower creators and fans, to give them more control and transparency over their music ownership and usage, while providing the best listening experience online,” the press release reads.

Today, the Winamp Foundation put the original iconic Winamp skin up for auction on OpenSea. The NFT will be available to bid on until May 22.

“Winamp was the go-to music player everybody was using at the beginning of the history of digital music and was instrumental in helping the .mp3 become mainstream,” says Alexandre Saboundjian, Winamp CEO. “The original design of the player is now iconic. Anyone who has been listening to music on their computer in the 90s and early 2000s remembers the original Winamp skin since it has been used by millions of users across the globe.”

Aside from the unique Winamp original skin NFT, the Winamp Foundation is also selling 20 other NFT artworks in partnership with digital artists. The unique collection will be made up of several 1997 derivatives created by artists in the Winamp enthusiast community.

“Winamp is here to support the artist community, which is driving the development of the new Winamp product,” says Saboundjian. “Supporting music and musicians is also why the work of the Winamp Foundation is very important.

All of the revenue generated from the sale of the Winamp NFTs will be collected by the Winamp Foundation. The Foundation says it will distribute the money to different music charity projects, with the first one being MusicFund. MusicFund is a non-profit organization that sources musical instruments, repairs and restores them, and gives them by donating them to schools in conflict zones and developing countries.

Artists who are interested in submitting their work for consideration for the Winamp NFT derivatives project can learn more here. Submissions for that NFT drop are open until April 15. The winners of the contest will be announced on May 18.

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