Kaskade Awarded Nearly $8 Million in Years-Running Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Nightclub

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Photo of Kaskade by Manningmbd (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Back in December of 2019, Digital Music News was first to report that Kaskade was suing Red Rock Resorts’ FP Holdings for breach of contract after the cancellation of his residency at the KAOS nightclub. Now, a court has ruled in favor of the famed DJ and awarded him nearly $8 million.

Kaskade (full name Ryan Gary Raddon) submitted his original complaint to a Nevada federal court, disclosing off the bat that his company and FP had inked the underlying residency agreement in January of 2018.

As part of the contract, Kaskade was to play 30 shows annually in both 2019 and 2020 at the Palms Casino Resort (and specifically the aforementioned KAOS nightclub within the establishment, which belonged to Red Rock at the time), according to the suit. Red Rock has since sold the Palms to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

The seven-time Grammy nominee Kaskade said that he had completed and been paid for a number of performances through 2019’s initial nine or so months. However, the 51-year-old also alleged that FP in August of the same year had “unilaterally” canceled planned October gigs because “it would be renovating the venues used” for the shows.

FP compensated Kaskade for this trio of October shows that it put on ice and for 2020 performance dates, as the contract outlined advances that the defendant was obligated to pay the DJ, the action relayed.

Kaskade allegedly offered “numerous alternative dates” for the nixed sets, but maintained that “FP did not respond to, or even acknowledge” the suggestions. Early November of 2019 brought further cancellations, per the legal text, and the Palms’ KAOS shut down indefinitely shortly thereafter. (Explaining the closure during an earnings call, a Red Rock exec cited factors including the high costs associated with booking talent for live performances.)

“As a result,” Kaskade and his attorneys wrote in 2019’s final month, “FP is unable to provide Raddon with a suitable venue” for the remaining 2019 performances as well as those of 2020.

And while the lawsuit’s public version redacted the precise sum that Kaskade was seeking for the performances remaining under the contract, a court has now awarded the “I Remember” DJ almost $8 million, new legal documents have revealed.

The Nevada federal court at hand specifically awarded Kaskade $7,950,000, and the Chicago, Illinois, native hasn’t yet taken to social media to comment on the multimillion-dollar verdict. But Kaskade is already preparing to perform in Sin City once again, this time as part of Kx5 with Deadmau5. The EDM duo’s first single debuted 10 days ago, and the veteran DJs are reportedly booked to play EDC Las Vegas, which is scheduled to kick off on May 20th.

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