Rapper Bobby Shmurda Claims Epic Records Has Released Him

Bobby Shmurda
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Bobby Shmurda
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Photo Credit: Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda claims he has been released from his contract with Epic Records. However, the rapper still appears on the Epic Records website.

The rapper took to his social media account to drop the news. Bobby says he signed release papers with the label and can now release new music whenever he wants. “Attention to all Shmurda fans aka The Smurdas,” the rapper’s post begins.

“I Just signed my release papers also jus made ah milly today. I can’t wait to drop s/o my n*gga @trulife. I’m shooting my 1st independent video today called getting em back we celebrating all week in KODS pop out nd Monday Starlets.”

Bobby Shmurda took to social media in December 2021 to outline his issues with Epic Records in public.

He’s since deleted the post, but Digital Music News covered the story. He explained that he has zero control over his music since he was a teen. “I ain’t been in charge of my music since I was 19 years old and I just turned 27, and honestly idk when shit dropping,” Shmurda wrote. “So don’t ask me shit go ask them mf’s since they wanna control everything!”

In another post on Instagram just two months later, Bobby Shmurda called out Epic Records and its CEO, Sylvia Rhone. He said he had a great relationship with Rhone but couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t release him from his contract.

“I got a 70-year-old lady running my label, and I love her dearly but she doesn’t want to let me go at all, no matter what I do,” Shmurda wrote. “I’ve been signed to them since I was 19, and I did six years in jail trying to get off this label before I came home,” the now-deleted post continues.

“You name one person in the industry a label keeps signed in jail for six years! I made them more millions than they ever gave me; just let me go.” Shmurda then addressed his fans, saying his post was not a cry for help.

“This is a message and understanding for my fans that they are stopping my music and prolonging my career. I been holding shit down doing everything on my own since I been home. It’s been a year now and I still feel like I’m in prison.”