Flea Says the Latest RHCP Album Is for Audiophiles – “No Compression or Limiters”

Flea RHCP album audiophile comments
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Flea RHCP album audiophile comments
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Photo Credit: Stefan Brending / CC by 3.0

The Red Hot Chili Peppers released their new album Unlimited Love on April 1. Bassist Flea took to social media to explain its sound.

“For you audiophiles out there, the new RHCP record is mastered directly from the tape we recorded it on, no computers, no lame compression or limiters,” Flea tweeted. The bassist also promoted a special Record Store Day edition of Unlimited Love, which features a double-LP vinyl pressing. The album marks the return of guitarist John Frusciante to the mix for the first time since Stadium Arcadium in 2016.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers also recently received the honor of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Flea was on hand at the ceremony and he called the honor their best yet.

“Yesterday we got a star on Hollywood Boulevard,” Flea tweeted. “I had been going around the world with that street inside of me for many, many years and now I get to be inside of it. That street and I know each other well, and it’s better than any Grammy or any Oscar.”

At the ceremony, Flea was asked to describe Unlimited Love. “I can just tell you that this record is the best of us. It’s the best that we have to offer. We dug as deep as we could and we don’t take one second ever for granted. We made the best music and look, like or don’t like it; there’s nothing else like it.”

When asked if the band ever gets caught up on fans who get caught up in different eras, Flea says they’re always trying to do something different. “Everything is a lesson, and everything is a part of us, so we’re always just trying to build on it and grow on it and add on, you know,” the bassist added. “This is our life’s work. This is our mission. We don’t need the money.”

4 Responses

  1. Rick

    Flea over reacts to everything, but he’s a good guy. Have no idea why it took so long for them to get the Walk of Fame star in Hollywood. They are Hollywood kids, it should’ve happened a long time ago.

  2. Tom

    Just so you know, Stadium Arcadium was 2006, not 2016.

    Love the article, thanks!

  3. Gary Gabriel

    There’s no band like the RHCP! What they master is visceral, unique and like nothing else you’ll hear. From the incredible musicality, to the lyrics which leave the story being told up to the listener’s interpretation, we’re blessed to have them at our fingertips.

  4. Chonk

    “mastered directly with no lame compression or limiters” – Riiiiiiiiigggggggggght