Instagram Music Not Working? These Quick Fixes Usually Work

Instagram Music not working
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Instagram Music not working
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Photo Credit: Claudio Schwarz

Instagram Music not working? A few issues could be to blame. Here’s how to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

The Instagram Story feature enables adding music to stories by tapping on the music sticker within the add a sticker button. You can search for a specific song by title, artist, and even genre and mood.

If you’re having trouble adding music to Instagram, you’re not alone. Maybe the Instagram Story music feature isn’t working, the music sticker isn’t showing, or perhaps you’re getting “no result found” when searching for a song. Whatever the issue, we’ve got a fix below.

How to Fix the Instagram Music Sticker Not Showing

Sometimes the music sticker doesn’t immediately show as an option, appearing missing. First, make sure you’re checking the right place for the feature.

To find the Instagram Music sticker:

  1. Tap the + icon on your Instagram app and select Story
  2. Select the pictures or videos you want to post to your Story. Then click the Stickers icon or swipe up.
  3. Click the Music sticker, or search for it in the search bar if it doesn’t appear.

If the Music sticker still doesn’t show, the next step is to ensure your app is updated. Unless it’s been some time since you last updated the app, this is unlikely to be the issue. Still, it’s worth checking to see if a new update is available on the Google Play or App Store.

How to Switch Your Instagram Profile from Business to Personal Mode

Your profile could be in business mode if Instagram Music isn’t working. To switch your profile to personal mode:

  1. Go to your profile and click the Profile menu (three dashes or “hamburger” menu in the top right corner.) 
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Click Account
  4. Scroll down and tap on Switch account type
  5. Select Switch to personal account

Once you’ve switched back to a personal account, your Instagram Story should once again offer the music feature.

How to Fix “No Result Found”

If the search results in the Instagram Story Music search bar are empty, or it says, “No result found,” the song may be unavailable, or the service is having trouble finding it. In most cases, you’ll be able to upload music to Instagram directly from Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or most other music streaming services.

To add music from Spotify or another music app:

  1. Find the song you want to share on your Instagram story.
  2. Tap on the share icon.
  3. Select Instagram.
  4. Select Instagram Story.

Using the fixes above should solve the most common issues with Instagram Music not working. Found another fix? Let us know in the comments.