Above & Beyond Form New Label for Ambient Music Called Reflections

Above and Beyond label
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Above and Beyond label
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Photo Credit: Anneliesep123 / CC by 4.0

Above & Beyond has launched a new record label for ambient music called Reflections.

The label will co-exist alongside Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep labels. “Our two record labels, Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, were born on the dance floor,” says the producer trio. “For over 20 years these labels have taken us, our music, and our artists, to dance floors across the world. The third Anjuna record label is our new downtempo and ambient imprint called Reflections, and we are delighted to share it with you,” the announcement reads.

“Reflections is born from all those moments in between the dance floors,” Above & Beyond continues. “The mornings after, the nights apart, the journeys shared along the way. Those moments of Reflection.”

Above & Beyond says the new label will have a focus on mental health and the role of music in health and well-being.

“Alongside the music we’ll be releasing, a lot of which is going to be conducive to sleeping, relaxing, and focusing – we’re also launching a host of curated mood-based mixes,” says Reflections label manager Penny Longstaff. “That just opens up so many new avenues of who we can reach with the music,” she adds.

“This is a genre that we have a history in and one we belong in,” adds Co-Founder of label parent company Involved Group, James Grant. “If you look back on what we’ve done on the Above & Beyond albums there’s always been two or thre standout downtempo tracks that have connected really well.”

“Then, with everyone stuck at home, people had this sort of music on in the background while they were working. Mood listening became a really big thing. So lots of things conspired to make Reflections feel like a good idea at the right time,” Grant continues.

Yotto’s new chill-out album called Erased Dreams will be the first album released under the Reflections imprint. The first release will be Above & Beyond’s new double A-side single, ‘Morning In Diera / Time Heals.’