Deezer Expands Sonos Partnership with Sonos Voice Control and New App Interface

Deezer Sonos
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Deezer Sonos
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Photo Credit: Deezer

Deezer expands its partnership with Sonos, launching Sonos Voice Control and a new app interface.

Sonos Voice Control is compatible with Deezer at launch and allows users to stream their music using only their voice effortlessly. The updated app interface improves user experience, giving access to Deezer’s exclusive recommendation feature, Flow, within the Sonos app.

“I am thrilled to see our partnership with Sonos grow and develop,” says Charles Jaubert, VP of Partner Strategy & Business Development at Deezer. “Deezer is the home of music and together with Sonos we continue to deliver outstanding innovation and listening experiences to our shared users. The combination of Sonos Voice Control, the brand-new look of Deezer, and Flow being made available on the Sonos app, marks another major step in a successful partnership which benefits music fans across the world.”

Developed in close collaboration with Deezer, Sonos Voice Control promises seamless compatibility on any voice-capable Sonos speaker. Notably, the device processes audio requests entirely within the device itself; no audio or transcript is sent to the cloud or stored, nor listened to or read by anyone, guaranteeing user privacy.

Joseph Dureau, the Vice President of Voice Experience at Sonos, says, “Deezer provided excellent support as we developed Sonos Voice Control and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.”

Updates to the Deezer interface on the Sonos app will allow a more personalized listening experience through Flow, Deezer’s personalized recommendation feature uniquely matching the user’s tastes and preferences. 

Sonos Voice Control is available to Deezer users on all Sonos devices in the US, with availability in France later this year. The Deezer integration, including Flow, is available globally on the Sonos app from June 1. 

As a leading music streaming service next to juggernauts Apple Music and Spotify, Deezer is available in more than 180 countries globally on most devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, home sound systems, smart TVs, and connected cars.