pCloud Offers Musicians Free Cloud Storage for International Music Day

elevate your music career today with pcloud music cloud
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Losing your most precious files can be frustrating. Have you ever spent hours on important projects just to see them vanish because you did not have a Backup? We at pCloud encourage you to embrace the changes, with our incredible affinity for musicians.

The following article comes from pCloud, a proud partner of DMN.

Happy International Music Day from pCloud! This is just a small gift from pCloud, as there are many other industry-first features offered by them. Get started with FREE 500GB of space, instead of worrying about losing your next big hit.

I am proud to state that pCloud is a direct Dropbox competitor, according to industry authorities such as Tech Radar. Voted for ‘Best Cloud Storage in 2021’ by Tech Radar, pCloud is now trusted by more than 16 million happy users and growing. Increasing numbers of musicians from around the world are putting their most valuable asset- their data, in the reliable hands of our professional Swiss cloud storage service.

Whether you are an accomplished music professional or music lover, pCloud offers value to those who struggle with storage space. It is also highly convenient for regular cloud usage or as a highly functional, user-friendly cloud that lets you access and share your data anywhere you go, anytime, from any device, without wasting any time.

With this being said, it is impossible not to have a special gift for the readers of the Digital Music News on the International Music Day! You may have seen pCloud before with our unmatched Lifetime deals, but there is much more to be said and to be seen from pCloud in the near future. We highly recommend staying tuned, especially for those who above all, value their privacy and protection of their data.

Unlike the competitive scene, pCloud offers robust security with unbreakable military- grade encryption and introduces upgrades very often.

I believe that the users dictate the product’s development and overall future. It’s simple, and musicians like it that way. We ensure that we give the people what they need and will use it. Due to this vital aspect of pCloud’s business model, it is no longer a question of whether our hard work’s solution towers above other services in this specific musicians’ niche.

The service is available for all devices and OS, with abundant collaborative tools and features meant to save time and make collaborations a blissful experience.

The Desktop app, pCloud Drive, is specifically tailored toward professional artists. It is a polished gem, functioning like a virtual drive that allows users to upload entire drum kit collections, sound design files, vocal samples, and all forms of production files. This renders the service invaluable to industry professionals looking to create content without worrying about device storage issues.

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  • Virtual drive
  • File sharing
  • Branded links
  • Unlimited speed
  • LIFETIME ACCESS (pay only ONCE and get set for LIFE!)
  • Audio album sorting
  • Access across devices
  • Share link customization
  • Real-time backup update
  • Unbreakable encryption
  • Sync locally stored folders with the cloud
  • Use with your DAW and on every OS and device
  • Native audio player for demo sharing and listening

Solutions are becoming more sophisticated as technology changes very rapidly. And so is the music industry’s demand for quality and efficient tools.

The way artists work with each other and record their vocals or instruments is also evolving. You can effortlessly drag and drop your vocal tracks into a mutually shared folder, and your studio engineer can start mixing immediately. You can set up a featuring with anyone worldwide, regardless of your location. pCloud makes it feel as if the creative process takes part in the same room!

We care about a very wide range of users. We believe that our customers should be able to take their favorite albums and files anywhere they go and start listening from any device! If you are only listening to music, there are many features to use for listening to music, such as the native audio player that lets you listen to your entire music collection, as all the albums are properly sorted.

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Starting for free with 500GB for three months is a great gift, as it helps generate mutual trust and indicates our values. Speaking of value, pCloud offers the industry-first LIFETIME plan, which requires a single payment while giving you all the storage you need without worrying about subscriptions and payment renewals!

Last but not least, let’s not forget about authenticity. It is the primary reason music production requires so much space! The top industry professionals rely on their signature drum kits and patterns. Authentic sound design requires a lot of digital storage space. You can expand your creative passion even more as you elevate your music career! 

With pCloud, only the sky is the limit.