Riot Games Drops Third Creator-Safe Music Streaming Compilation ‘Sessions’

Riot Games Sessions
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Riot Games Sessions
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Photo Credit: Ella Don

Riot Games has dropped a third Sessions album of streaming-safe music aimed at creators. 

The first Sessions album compilation dropped on July 2021, followed by a second in December 2021. Now it’s July 2022 and a third Sessions album follows Star Guardian Taliyah. This collection of tracks is aimed at giving streamers royalty-free music that won’t result in copyright strikes on Twitch or YouTube

The latest drop features 29 tracks by 16 artists, “following Star Guardian Taliyah on her day off at the mall as she’s lured into a world of daydreams and nicemares by her nemesis, Fiddlesticks.”

Riot Games Music says it is committed to continuing to explore the possibilities with its Sessions collections. Future Sessions releases will be announced via social media. 

Riot Games Music – Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah Tracklist

  1. “I’ll See You Again” – suteki
  2. “Courtwalk” – 3D BLAST
  3. “Jump” – Snail’s House
  4. “Fragments” – TANUKI
  5. “Irresitible.” – chromonicci
  6. “Daydream” – Mélonade
  7. “Gamma Ray” – Mere Notidle
  8. “Magic” – Mélonade
  9. “Radiant” – Semoothe
  10. “Show Me Your Dream” – Strawberry Station
  11. “Nightmare Pop” – Hyleo
  12. “Drastic Love” – Mere Notilde
  13. “Moonstruck Girl” – Leon Chang
  14. “Perfume” – Synthion
  15. “Taste of Soda” – Strawberry Station
  16. “SIDE 2 SIDE” – 3D BLAST
  17. “SHIBA INU” – bear bear & friends
  18. “Shimmer City” – TANUKI
  19. “First Strike” – FIBRE
  20. “no time” – ev.exi
  21. “Upper Bound” – FIBRE
  22. “Deceit” – Rob Robinson
  23. “Player One.” – chromonicci
  24. “Across the Universe” – Semoothe
  25. “Cinnamon Speedway” – Leon Chang
  26. “Dream Eater” – Hyleo
  27. “Xylitol” – Synthion
  28. “Starchild” – Snail’s House
  29. “MOCHI” – bear bear & friends

Sessions music is available to anyone who wants to use it as background music for YouTube and Twitch. You don’t need to be a member of the League Partner Program to use the music. Riot asks that you credit the artists and their tracks if you do use the music, but otherwise, it is a completely free streaming-safe collection of music. 

Riot Games says it won’t issue copyright strikes on people using the music, but there have been false copyright strikes issued by trolls. If that happens, the company recommends you reach out to them on YouTube to help resolve the issue. Copyright strike trolling on YouTube has gotten out of hand to the point that the LoFi music girl got taken offline for a few days.