Coca-Cola’s Tie-Up With Rosalía Takes Artist Branding to the Extreme

Rosalia coca-cola flavor
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Rosalia coca-cola flavor
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Photo Credit: Coca-Cola

Rosalía recently collaborated with Coca-Cola Creations to launch a limited-edition flavor that inspired her new song. The result goes way beyond a typical artist spot. 

Grammy Award-winning singer Rosalía’s new collaboration with Coca-Cola is dropping later this month. The beverage giant teamed up with the singer for a limited-edition Coca-Cola Creations flavor as part of the Coke Move campaign.

The collaboration includes the exclusive track “LLYLM (Lie Like You Love Me),” which dropped on January 27. The special-edition Coke cans and bottles feature touches of the singer’s lively personality, with vibrant colors and doodles hand-drawn by Rosalía herself. 

Rosalíia co-created the flavor to serve a new twist on the classic taste at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Georgia: “I went to Atlanta and tried a thousand flavors and chose aromas,” she says. “The whole process of getting to the flavor that you are looking for is a lot of fun.”

“I gave in to the flavors that awakened something in me,” she explains. “The ones that made me close my eyes when I tasted them, and that seemed more delicious to me. It reminds me a lot of coconut, my favorite fruit, and one that I have always eaten since I was little.”

Fans who scan the QR code on the collectible Coca-Cola Move cans or bottles can access the digital Coca-Cola Creations Hub, which features exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from making “LLYLM” and more.

Fans will also get the chance to bid on Rosalía memorabilia, including an autographed helmet, tour outfit, poster, and more. Proceeds from the auction support the Antonio Gala Foundation, a non-profit based in Rosalía’s home country of Spain that provides residency scholarships to young creators.

“Transformation as a means of self-expression is powerful and resonant for today’s generation, and music is the universal language for transformation,” says Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy at Coca-Cola. “Partnering with the inspirational and genre-defying Rosalía to bring to life our latest drop under Coca-Cola Creations has been a blast and has broken new ground for Coca-Cola Creations. We hope our collective fans will love this drink!”

The new Coca-Cola Move flavor will be available in both cans and bottles in the US and Canada beginning February 20. Last year, Coca-Cola collaborated with DJ Marshmello on a limited-edition flavor under the Coca-Cola Creations banner.