PETA Stages Protest Against the Upcoming Ludacris SeaWorld Performance

peta stages protest against ludacris performance at seaworld
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peta stages protest against ludacris performance at seaworld
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Photo Credit: Joseph Stalin

Animal activist group PETA has staged a protest against rapper Ludacris’ upcoming performance at SeaWorld.

The group sent a costumed dolphin carrying the sign “What’s My Fantasy? A Life Outside SeaWorld!,” referencing one of Ludacris’ popular songs. Members of PETA and the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida are joined together to protest the upcoming February 26 performance. 

“Ludacris is using the marine park as a money maker, despite being informed that dolphins and whales at SeaWorld are confined to cramped tanks with nothing to do but swim in circles and lash out at each other in frustration,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA will be there fast and furious to let the public know that supporting marine prisons is ludicrous.”

Dolphins swim up to 60 miles per day in their pods while in the wild, while they’re confined to tanks in SeaWorld. They’re also kept in artificial social groups, making these dolphins more aggressive. PETA estimates that 40 orcas and over 500 other dolphins and whale species have died at SeaWorld parks.

Ludacris is performing at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida as part of its Seven Seas Food Festival. The event started on February 4 with En Vogue and will end on May 7. Only some of the performers for the event were protested, with Joey Fatone, Sean Kingston, The Commodores, REO Speedwagon, Collective Soul, Jerry Rivera, and others set to perform during the weekend events. 

Full Line-up for SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival


  • 04 | En Vogue
  • 05 | REO Speedwagon
  • 11 | The Commodores
  • 18 | Collective Soul
  • 19 | Jerry Rivera
  • 25 | Don McLean
  • 26 | Ludacris


  • 04 | Joey Fatone & Friends
  • 26 | Eli Young Band

Admission to the festival is free with SeaWorld park admission, with reserved seating and upgraded seating available for the events. The festival is running through May 7 with more performers slated for April and May dates that have yet to be announced.