Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Could Gross a Record $1.4 Billion, According to ‘Fairly Conservative’ Estimates

taylor swift eras tour revenue
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taylor swift eras tour revenue
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Taylor Swift performing live. Photo Credit: Ronald Woan

Late last month, reports indicated that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour could become the first concert series to gross $1 billion. Now, a different analysis says the tour’s revenue will blow past the billion-dollar mark to crack an astonishing $1.4 billion.

Though the 33-year-old singer-songwriter and her team have opted not to reveal the more than 100-show tour’s nightly grosses – with plans reportedly in place to disclose the data publicly sometime down the line – The Wall Street Journal about one week back suggested that the Eras Tour could “gross over $1 billion.”

As mentioned, the astronomical sum, fueled by an army of especially dedicated Swifties, would represent the highest revenue total of any tour ever. Behind the figure, the Journal reiterated Billboard’s previous forecast of $590 million grossed solely by the Eras Tour’s over 50-date U.S. leg, which is expected to wrap in August.

Needless to say, it’s also possible that the 12-time Grammy winner will add more shows yet, having already extended the ultra-lucrative tour on multiple occasions. Despite this point and the apparent demand for the performances – as well as exceedingly expensive merch, which some believe is pulling in another $2 million or so per event – others have expressed the view that the concert series will generate a comparatively modest $700-$900 million.

Blowing these forecasts out of the water is the initially highlighted $1.4 billion sum anticipated by Pollstar, which attributed the massive figure to its “fairly conservative” estimates.

Regarding the latter, the publication pointed to “an estimated gross that surged beyond $300 million” across the tour’s initial 22 dates – reflecting an average ticket price of almost $254 and an average gross of $13.63 million for each show.

Moreover, the Eras Tour is per the same source poised to hit $1 billion in revenue around Swift’s March of 2024 Singapore shows, before she will visit all manner of European nations en route to wrapping with a trio of Wembley Stadium performances, according to the current schedule.

For additional context, the Journal in the above-mentioned deep dive explored in relative detail the percentage of revenue that could actually be reaching Swift’s pocket from the Capital One-sponsored Eras Tour. Of course, it goes without saying that the tour is likewise driving streams for the Pennsylvania native, who boasts 92.15 million monthly Spotify listeners and is preparing to drop Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on Friday.

Swift has for some time been plugging the forthcoming release on social media, and a “3LP orchid marbled vinyl” edition of the re-recorded album is available to pre-order for a cool $38.99 on her website, compared to $45.99 (albeit with free shipping) via Walmart and Amazon.