Orfium Signs YouTube Management Deal with Avex

Avex Music Orfium
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Avex Music Orfium
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Photo Credit: Avex (Takeya Ino, President)

Orfium has signed an agreement with Avex, one of the largest entertainment companies in Japan. Here’s the latest on this broadcast rights management deal.

Orfium’s clientele in the US and UK include the world’s leading music publishers, record labels, broadcasters, and production music companies. Orfium has established itself as a leader in identifying and capturing unrealized revenue from YouTube and other user-generated content (UGC) platforms, generating millions in additional revenue for its clients.

The company set its sights on the Japanese music market in 2022 after Orfium acquired Breaker and established Orfium Japan, led by Alan Swarts—with more than 25 years of experience in the Japanese music & entertainment industries. YouTube is the most popular video platform in Japan, with over 70 million monthly active users in the region. UGC monetization there is still in its infancy; many Japanese music companies have only recently changed their policy of blocking the use of sound recordings on UGC platforms to allow their use and monetization.

As the Japanese music business starts to embrace UGC monetization, it will be able to benefit from increasing revenues from YouTube, which paid over $6 billion to the global music industry in 2022.

Orfium will become Avex’s partner for music catalog management on YouTube, working to maximize the monetization of Avex’s repertoire for rightsholders, artists, writers, and composers by deploying its AI-based matching technology. Avex is one of the largest entertainment companies in Japan, with operations spread across record labels, live music, animation, film production, and digital business.

“The magnitude of growth of UGC in Japan is remarkable and to be selected as the tech partner of choice by Avex is a real endorsement of our offer and capabilities,” adds Orfium CEO Rob Wells. “We’re very proud to partner with them.”

“We’re on a mission to bridge the value gap that exists across UGC platforms for creators and rightsholders in Japan,” adds Alan Swarts, CEO of Orfium Japan. “Orfium’s AI-based technology, combined with our deep local industry knowledge, has enabled us to grow quickly while clearly demonstrating the value we can deliver to our Japanese partners. We’re very much looking forward to working with the Avex team to deliver the best possible results.”

“I am extremely pleased to partner with Orfium, who is at the cutting edge of technological innovation in music and entertainment,” adds Takeya Ino, President at Avex Music Creative Inc. “I believe Avex and Japan have content and culture that captivates people worldwide. As Japanese music reaches new audiences all over the world through YouTube and other UGC platforms, it is also creating significant new revenue opportunities for creators and rightsholders. I expect that a partnership with Orfium, with its impressive track record, will deliver great results for us.”