Lizzo Lawyers Fire Back Against Former Tour Dancers’ Lawsuit As Media Fallout Continues

Lizzo dance crew
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Lizzo dance crew
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Photo Credit: Kim Erlandsen for NRK P3 / CC by 2.0

Lizzo’s legal team has officially gone on the offensive after the Detroit-born singer was named in a pair of shocking sexual harassment lawsuits levied by individuals who’d worked on The Special Tour.

Attorneys for the “About Damn Time” artist just recently took aim at the first of two complaints filed by the former employees, and specifically several touring dancers. (The second action was submitted earlier in September by a fashion designer who alleges to have been the victim of sexual harassment, assault, and disability discrimination during a stint on The Special Tour.)

In brief, said touring dancers maintain that they were subjected to not only the aforementioned sexual harassment, but religious harassment, false imprisonment, and compensation-related discrimination. Lizzo promptly denied the claims, though more alleged victims subsequently came forward, and amid the controversy, the 35-year-old was reportedly crossed off the list of possible Super Bowl Halftime Show performers.

It’s against this backdrop that Lizzo’s counsel has returned fire, denying each of the claims formally made by the four-time Grammy winner’s former tour dancers and asking the court to dismiss the action, according to reports.

Additionally, Lizzo rep Stefan Friedman, who’s been highlighting on social media the suit’s perceived shortcomings, drove home a clear-cut stance on the “ridiculous” complaint and the allegations therein.

“This is the first step of a legal process in which Lizzo and her team will demonstrate that they have always practiced what they’ve preached – whether it comes to promoting body positivity, leading a safe and supportive workplace or protecting individuals from any kind of harassment,” Friedman communicated in the widely circulated remarks.

“Any and all claims to the contrary are ridiculous, and we look forward to proving so in a court of law,” the statement ends.

Meanwhile, the disgruntled dancers’ attorney, who’s spoken to the media multiple times about the complaint, downplayed the “boilerplate objections that have nothing to do with the case” and indicated that he’s also eager to take the matter to trial.

Needless to say, the legal battle (and the corresponding negative publicity) appears unlikely to draw to a close anytime soon. Moreover, both the cases recently filed by former Lizzo tour employees are making waves beyond the news sphere and in the entertainment space –  raising further questions about their potential to have a long-term effect on the vocalist’s career.

Yesterday, for instance, Hulu went ahead and released an aptly titled “Impact x Nightline” original special called Lizzo’s Legal Limbo.

“Lizzo, the superstar entertainer, is under fire,” reads the description for Lizzo’s Legal Limbo. “She’s being sued by three former dancers and now a designer claims her team is responsible for sexual harassment and racism. Lizzo is denying it all but can the star’s image recover?”