Warner Music Indie Distribution Division ADA Re-Inks with LAB Records

Warner Music Indie distribution ADA Lab Records
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Warner Music Indie distribution ADA Lab Records
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Photo Credit: LAB Records

Warner Music’s indie distro division ADA renews its long-standing partnership with LAB Records.

Warner Music’s independent distribution division, ADA, has announced the renewal of its long-standing partnership with indie label LAB Records. Since its formation in 2007, LAB Records has gained the master rights to a catalog of over 700 songs, and together with ADA, has enjoyed recent success with several independent artists, including Tommy Lefroy, BEKA, Beach Weather, Des Rocs, and many more.

“We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with ADA for a number of years now — so we’re delighted to ink a new, multi-year deal as we continue to grow our business,” said Mark Orr and Scott Brothman of LAB Records.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to be in a place where we had conversations with all of the leading companies in the space, but we were ultimately very keen to continue our partnership with ADA. It’s a team who are passionate about breaking new artists and focusing on quality — which aligns perfectly with everything we’re trying to do. We look forward to more success together.”

“Scott and Mark have built an incredible label and have an impeccable reputation for finding and nurturing indie talent. I’m always excited to see who they discover next and how we can help them connect with as many people as possible,” added Howard Corner, Managing Director, ADA UK. “ADA has been lucky enough to work closely with LAB Records and their artists, and I’m looking forward to building on our partnership and helping as they continue to grow.”

“I’m thrilled by the renewal of our partnership with LAB Records and that we’ll continue to work closely with Scott and Mark,” concluded Adriana Sein, Global Head of Artist and Market Development, ADA. “Together we’ve helped numerous of their independent artists break into the industry, and we’re excited to further empower LAB, leveraging our extensive international network to elevate new talent to the global stage.

Since its founding in Manchester in 2007, LAB Records has spent over 15 years growing its roster, significantly raising the profile of many of its artists in the streaming and live sectors. With ADA, LAB has enjoyed the recent success of such artists as Antony Szmierek, Aziya, The Crawlers, The K’s, Nel Mescal, and Yoke Lore.

As part of Warner Music Group, ADA provides independent labels and artists access to a global distribution system and a dedicated team to provide all aspects of marketing and promotional services.