Big Loud Unveils Alt-Rock JV Severance Records — ‘A Shift Back Towards the Authentic Sounds of Guitars and Raw Attitude’

severance records
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severance records
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(l to r) Severance Records co-president Steve Robertson, Dexter and The Moonrocks drummer Ryan Fox, guitarist Ryan Anderson, vocalist James Tuffs, bassist Ty Anderson, and Severance co-president Mike Easterlin. Photo Credit: Barrett Lewis

Big Loud, the professional home of Morgan Wallen, Hardy, and others, has unveiled a joint venture called Severance Records, which is being billed as “an independent, modern rock label.”

Nashville-headquartered Big Loud just recently announced the debut of Severance Records, which will also operate out of “Music City” and seek to execute “a global vision.”

With Elektra vet Mike Easterlin and Steve Robertson (who spent over a quarter of a century as an Atlantic exec) serving as co-presidents, the newly minted JV has further announced its first signing, Abilene, Texas-based Dexter and The Moonrocks.

Expanding upon the Southern rock group’s addition to the Severance roster as well as the label’s broader philosophy, Robertson indicated that he and Easterlin had been “driven by a genuine love for rock music and an instinct to follow its evolving path” when creating the entity.

“In an industry that seemed to have momentarily turned away from rock,” the SeaChange Music & Entertainment head Robertson proceeded in part, “we felt a strong undercurrent – a shift back towards the authentic sounds of guitars and raw attitude. Dexter and The Moonrocks struck a chord with us immediately.

“While being influenced by greats like Nirvana and Kings Of Leon, they’re a bridge to the future of rock, blending influences from rock legends and contemporaries like Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Colter Wall. Their sound is the DNA of Severance Records – rediscovering and redefining rock with a fresh perspective, especially with a nod to Southern roots,” he communicated.

And in remarks of his own, Big Loud partner and CEO Seth England touted the career achievements of Robertson and Easterlin, with the latter individual having announced four months back his role as president of a company called Glen West Entertainment.

“Mike and Stevo [Robertson] have championed some of the most exciting, culture-driving music of the last two decades,” relayed England, “so when the opportunity to work with them in this capacity came up, it was an instant ‘yes.’ We’re grateful to partner with them and build a legacy together with Severance.”

Bigger picture, Easterlin specified that he and Robertson intend “to make Severance Records the same kind of force in the alternative space” as Big Loud has proven in the country sphere. Building upon this point, Severance has rolled out “in association with Big Loud Rock,” an imprint that itself arrived on the scene in August of 2021.

More recently, Big Loud founder Craig Wiseman in August of last year sold a stake in his music IP and that of his company’s publishing unit, Big Loud Shirt, to Round Hill. Referring particularly to the songs fund, Round Hill ultimately sold to Concord later in 2023, with its board chair subsequently accepting the same position at the flailing Hipgnosis Songs Fund.