How Tall is Usher and Other Fun Facts Following His Stunning Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

how tall is Usher
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how tall is Usher
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Photo Credit: Apple Music

How tall is Usher, anyway? We delve into some fun facts about the R&B star following his performance at Apple Music’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Usher is on the minds of many following Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime performance with dazzling stage effects and cameos from across his 30-year career. But seeing the R&B legend onstage next to Alicia Keys — who was rocking several-inch heels and a bejeweled red bodysuit — had fresh (and seasoned) fans wondering just how tall is Usher, anyway?

What is Usher’s Height?

Despite giving a larger-than-life performance, Usher’s height is said to be “just under” 5’8” (that’s five feet, eight inches, or 172cm). However, the 45-year-old star’s height has been the topic of debate online, with some saying he’s as short as 5’6”, and others claiming he’s as tall as 5’10”. Interestingly, Ludacris is also 5’8”, while fans may be surprised to learn that boisterous King of Crunk Lil Jon is only 5’6”.

Like Lil Jon, Alicia Keys is 5’6” tall (167cm). While she was clearly wearing heels that added several inches to her height during the performance, Keys and Usher appeared to be about the same height — but he also presumably wore lifts in his white shoes accompanying his Dolce & Gabbana fit (Keys’ red ensemble was also Dolce & Gabbana; Usher’s black and blue outfit was by Off-White).

While some fans may be surprised to hear Usher is under six feet tall, many self-proclaimed members of Team Usher seem to think that’s just right. One fan on the former Twitter wrote that “most beautiful man alive Usher is actually living proof of my long-held belief that 5 foot 8 is the ideal height for a hot man.”

Great Super Bowl Half Time Show— But What Has Usher Been Up To?

Usher, whose real name is Usher Raymond IV, has been regarded as a sex symbol since his debut in 1994, with his smooth and sultry vocals ushering in (okay, pun intended) the start of a legendary career.

He’s seen numerous accolades, including eight Grammys and a BET Lifetime Achievement Award, and released nine studio albums. 2004’s Confessions was phenomenally successful and sold over 20 million copies worldwide, while his latest release, Coming Home, dropped on February 9 to coincide with his Super Bowl halftime performance.

As is often the case following the publicity generated from securing a Super Bowl Halftime spot, Usher is embarking on a North American tour this summer, following his Las Vegas residency that ended in December. The tour kicks off at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC, on August 20, and wraps up (unless Usher announces more dates) in Chicago on Halloween, October 31.