Diddy, Justin Combs Face Renewed Accusations of Attempted Murder in Latest Legal Filings — Pair Allegedly Gunned Down Associate in LA Studio Bathroom Following Heated Argument

Diddy Justin Combs attempted murder accusation
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Diddy Justin Combs attempted murder accusation
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Photo Credit: Chalice Recording

The music producer suing Diddy doubles down on allegations that the rapper and his son were involved in a shooting at a recording studio in 2022.

Producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones sued Sean “Diddy” Combs in February with a slew of allegations including sexual harassment, threats, and drugging during Jones’ time with the music mogul while working on his latest album from late 2022 to late 2023. While that lawsuit is still ongoing, Jones is doubling down on allegations that Combs and his son Justin were involved in a shooting at a Los Angeles recording studio in 2022.

The details in the initial complaint, filed in US District Court for the Southern District of New York, describe a shooting at a “writers and producers camp” at Chalice Recording Studio in Los Angeles on September 12, 2022. But the details provided in the initial complaint and an amended one don’t match up with the information about the shooting provided by Los Angeles police and Combs’ attorney.

Jones’ initial complaint includes his account of the shooting, in which he claims he heard multiple gunshots after a “heated conversation” in a bathroom nearby. Jones says when the bathroom door opened, Combs and his son exited, and a person identified as “G” was lying on the bathroom floor “in a fetal position, holding his stomach and bleeding out of his leg/hip area.”

The lawsuit says Jones took “G” to the front of the studio to a waiting ambulance. He alleges Combs instructed him to tell the police they had nothing to do with it, that a drive-by assailant had committed the shooting outside the studio.

Jones’ amended filing includes a message allegedly written by representatives at Chalice: “The shooting occurred a half a block away from Chalice and it was a result of a robbery. There are police reports corroborating this. Please wait for facts to come out before you start contributing to the defamation of our organization.”

That note, naturally, corroborates Combs’ attorney’s account of the incident: “When LAPD arrived on scene, it was immediately determined (conclusively) that the shooting took place some distance from the studio.”

Also in Jones’ filing is the allegation that former Bad Boy star Shyne, who spent around eight years in prison for a now infamous 1999 NYC club shooting, did not actually pull the trigger — and that Diddy is to blame. Shyne has long maintained his innocence in the saga, insisting that he took the fall for someone else, but has not namedropped Combs.

“Mr. Combs bragged about shooting a woman in the face in 1999 in NYC and getting away with it,” alleges Jones’ filing. “He bragged about having Jennifer Lopez carrying his gun into the club the night of the shooting and the fact that he had so much power and influence over her at the time. He bragged about getting Shyne to take the heat for the shooting and the fact that he paid Shyne through a record deal with his good friend L.A. Reid.”

Combs’ legal team has maintained that Jones’ allegations are “complete lies,” and vowing to “address these outlandish allegations in court and take all appropriate action against those who make them.” Whether these and other allegations against Combs are being looked into as part of the ongoing government investigation into him is yet to be seen.