JP Morgan Backtracks Following iPhone Nano Report

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A cheaper, iPhone nano may not be in the cards after all, according to an unexpected contradiction emerging from JP Morgan.

Earlier this week, JP Morgan analyst Kevin Chang, based in Taiwan, posited that the cheaper phone would emerge in the fourth quarter.  The scaled-down model could resemble the form factor of the diminutive iPod nano, according to the analyst.  Chen based his assertions on patent filings and information gleaned from suppliers, though US-based analyst Bill Shope has now offered a different take.  “We believe a near-term launch would be unusual and highly risky,” Shope said.  “It took Apple over two years to launch its first low-end iPod.”

The confusion reflects poorly on JP Morgan, and raises questions about the insights offered by the securities firm.  It also highlights the relative inaccuracy that often characterizes iPod – and now iPhone – predictions, a tendency fueled by a notoriously tight-lipped Apple.  In classic form, Apple refused to comment on the latest speculations, though the conflicting predictions only heighten anticipation ahead of the next big thing – whatever that may be.  Meanwhile, the Chang comments pushed Apple shares past a 52-week high during Tuesday trading, part of a continued ascent on Wall Street.