O2 Germany Taps Muze on Mobile Music Subscription Play

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O2 Germany is now pushing into the subscription-based mobile music realm, and tapping Muze as one of its key partners.

According to information disclosed Tuesday, O2 Germany will also wrap MTV into the play, and use the alliance to craft splashy download specials.  Muze will focus on the search, discovery, and consumption of mobile music assets through its Open Media Exchange.  “We have partnered with world class organizations in order to bring our customers exciting, yet affordable digital media content,” commented Lars Dueysen, head of music data services and portals for O2 Music.

Charges will be automatically billed to existing accounts, a mechanism that helped to fuel a booming ringtone industry.  The service, which blends downloads into a subscription platform, allows consumers to simultanouesly download songs to their devices and PCs.  That dual-download structure is becoming standard, and consumers can also download PC-based tracks and sideload them onto their devices.  The service also supports progressive playback, which allows users to start listening to a song before the download is completed.