The Orchard Plays Madison Avenue Card, Spins Branding Division

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The Orchard is now jumping into the branding and advertising arena, a growing area of importance for the music industry.

The digital distributor unveiled its Branding & Agency division this week, and outlined plans to thread music and technology into advertising campaigns.  “This group’s mantra is, ‘Engage Customers Through Music,'” explained Orchard president and chief executiveGreg Scholl.  “We help our clients give their consumers the music these customers want, while developing and retaining brand awareness for the product or service the customer provides.”

The group is targeting retailers, big-name brands, and advertisers, all of whom are increasingly tapping music to win the hearts-and-minds of consumers.  The Orchard pointed to a number of existing relationships, including those involving P&G, Pringles, Seagate, Hallmark, Jaguar, Badoit, Euro, Digitas, and Young & Rubicam.  The move further broadens the company model beyond digital aggregation and distribution, a core component of the Orchard model.