Nokia Music Gets Connected, European WiFi Deal Emerges

Nokia has just inked a wireless broadband deal in Europe, one designed to supercharge its music ambitions.

The partnership involves The Cloud, a provider of WiFi hot spots across a number of European countries, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.  In total, the company controls roughly 7,500 connected zones, a stepped-up level of access for Nokia Music Store subscribers.  “If I am out and about and I hear a track in a shop or a friend recommends something, I want to be able to download it immediately – not wait until I get home,” said Owen Geddes, director of Business Development at The Cloud.

The Cloud has spots sprinkled across a number of major retailers and heavily-trafficked corners, including McDonald’s, Coffee Republic, BAA airports and London’s Square Mile.  That expands the usability of the Nokia Music Store, unveiled in late October of this year.  The store offers a range of consumption options, though compatibility is currently limited to the N95 and N81 devices.  Just recently, Nokia disclosed a major initiative involving Universal Music Group, one that will bundle catalog access with a device purchase.