Alltel Makes Mobile Music Even More Ubiquitous

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US-based mobile carrier Alltel is now moving closer towards total music ubiquity, thanks to an over-the-air (OTA) PC synchronization service.

The concept, called Alltel Music by Celltop, allows users to easily grab PC-based content through wireless channels.  That follows an earlier Alltel embrace of PC-based sideloading, a move that tapped into the most common consumer storage repository for digital music collections.

The OTA synchronization service takes the concept one step further, and skips the need for wired sideloading sessions.  Instead, users can simply connect to their PC library wirelessly, select tracks or playlists, and enjoy their music via streaming and downloading.  That sounds great for consumers, though it continues to shift the energy away from dedicated, OTA download purchases – a disappointing revenue generator in the United States.

The idea is being powered by mobile technology provider mSpot, a Palo Alto, CA-based firm.  “With no cables and an incredibly easy-to-use wireless interface, Alltel’s Music powered by Celltop is the first service to leverage the power of their network to make music truly mobile,” said Daren Tsui, mSpot cofounder and chief executive.