People Search for ‘Lyrics’ Just as Much as ‘S*x’

The number of people searching for terms containing ‘lyrics’ is roughly equal to those searching for terms containing ‘sex,’ according to data pulled from Google logs.

In fact, ‘lyrics’ has been on top of ‘sex’ for years, up until recently, that is (blue = lyrics; red = sex)…

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And, just for kicks, here’s how these two terms compare to ‘mp3,’ ‘iTunes,’ and ‘Spotify.’

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Any other search terms you want to see compared?  Just let us know…

4 Responses

  1. CliffB

    iTunes 5? That’s supposed to mean something in this context? We’re up to iTunes 10 and why not just compare to the term iTunes?

    • paul

      It’s not ‘iTunes 5,’ rather just ‘iTunes’. The 5 refers to relative search ranking.


  2. Scott Rose

    Hey Paul, where did you go to get that info? Valuabe stuff.

    By the way, love your news letter, never miss a beat. “Pun intended”. Keep up the good work, much appreciated.

  3. JanonymousR

    The takeaway? December and July are both hot months for looking up sex.

    Actually December’s kind of cold depending on your area on the planet.