The State of Music Subscription: April, 2012…

Apple hasn’t shared an iTunes Match figure, though here’s our running tally of music subscription totals.  These are the latest updates from Sirius XM, Spotify, Rhapsody, Muve, Slacker, WiMP, and eMusic, though Spotify declined to comment on a running, US-based estimate.  Pandora was calculated using recent, fiscal 2012 statements.

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Also, here’s more on Deezer stats.  And if you have info we don’t, please share it!

10 Responses

  1. Erik P

    I’m wondering where Spotify would be without the Facebook partnership…

    • paul

      Yes, just double-checked and that’s the latest from WiMP (posted in March). So, just updated with that plus late additions from Slacker (>500k per company) and an updated Muve figure.

        • paul

          It’s a streaming service not unlike Spotify, based in Norway and run by Aspiro Music. It’s currently in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany I believe (will double-check when I’m back at the office).

  2. Rob

    What’s behind your Pandora figure? The LA Times (and others) report active listener numbers around 50 million.

    • paul

      I should clarify this isn’t just active listeners, but and estimate of paying users. I used a top-line revenue number for premium subscribers, then divided by $36 (the most typical premium fee). Rough estimate, but hey.

  3. owodee

    where would you ballpark the iTunes Match number to be?