Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa,” Google Translated Into Spanish by Taco Bell…

This is the handiwork of Taco Bell ad agency Deutsch, who by their own admission plugged the lyrics to “Big Poppa” into Google Translate for this ad.  Here’s the semi-butchered result.

And, for more automated translation tomfoolery, check out what happens when the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ theme song is sequentially Google Translated into 64 different languages – then back to English.

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  1. Björk gives up trying to Kicks

    Elfin Icelandic singer and educator Björk has had to cancel a Kickstarter project to get her music and science app suite Biophilia ported from iOS to Android and Windows 8.

    The original Manic Pixie Dream Girl was looking for £375,000 to get the multimedia project – which includes an album where each song is a self-contained app, a live show and an educational programme – moved onto the Android platform.

    “This is an odd one for me to ask of you, but it proved unbelievably complicated to reprogram Biophilia for Android and more, it will take eight programmers five months!!” Björk said in a note on the Kickstarter page.

    The Biophilia suite contains an album in which each song is an app that teaches the basics of music. Songs like Dark Matter and Crystalline are the audio components to interactive applications that teach musical scales and song structure and also link to “a corresponding natural element”.

    Unfortunately, the project has only managed to get £15,370 of its goal since it launched on 28 January. New rewards were already added to try to spur on donations, but it seems the project was unlikely to reach its target by the end of this month.

    Possibly, Kickstarters were unwilling to fork out such a large amount of cash since the original Apple app was funded by Björk and partners. There’s no official word from the singer, but most commentators on her Biophilia forum seemed unsurprised that the project had failed.

    “375,000 bucks in around 28 days for something that has already been there (and should just be transferred to another platform)…. let’s be honest: this seemed very unlikely to happen from the start without massive support from companies or the industry,” one said.