Chevrolet Is Now Financing Grooveshark’s Mobile Expansion…

Apple is blocking the Grooveshark app based on copyright concerns.  Google is blocking the Grooveshark app on copyright concerns.  Chevrolet is now empowering a fully-mobile, HTML5 Grooveshark mobile solution that bypasses both of those powerhouses.

Make sense?

Actually, this makes perfect sense from the standpoint of Chevy and General Motors.  Because right now, all that copyright stuff means almost nothing to major brands, especially if it gets in the way of accessing 18-35 males with disposable income.  Even if artist and label hatred for Grooveshark has now grown into a chorus.

Actually, Grooveshark has been working on its rather kludgy, HTML5-powered workaround for some time (and it, well… sucked).  But Grooveshark also has huge legal bills and, according to sources, a major problem with exiting staffers and engineers.  Which makes Chevrolet the perfectly-massive, deep-pocketed white knight.

Other high-profile Grooveshark backers include Netflix, Ernst & Young, and Mercedes-Benz.  Those brands are similarly unconcerned with copyright issues, though Grooveshark’s narrative about helping artists and labels could prove problematic.  At SXSW, Quiet Company – a self-described ‘guinea pig’ promotional partner with Grooveshark – announced that they would not be continuing the relationship.  “They said they were starting an artist development program,” band manager Paul Osbon said, according to Digital Trends.  “We were the test monkeys.”

“They gave us tons of info – what type of toothpaste our listeners used, what shoes they wear.  If they had only found a way to translate that into sales, and market that…”

Full disclosure: Grooveshark has been litigating against Digital Music News since early 2012 to obtain the identity of what appeared to be a whistleblower commenter.  That case is now being fought in the California Court of Appeals. 

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  1. Visitor

    While GS are dicks, you have to give Jared @ Grooveshark credit where credits due. Dude can sell ice to eskimos.

  2. spotify is worse

    spotify is worse
    that’s what I got from all the negative articles here on DMN

  3. cfich

    this website has turned into 50% bullshit grooveshark rants. figure out how to get money for yourself instead of sitting here whining like a bitch. Audio korner covers the only articles related to THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, thats why I rarely visit this bullshit. focus on what brought people here in the first place.

    • intellectual

      Yep. calling people “bitch” really wins an argument.
      “free” internet idealists= morons.

  4. Large Birdie

    Grooveshark is:
    running out of cash
    getting drained by unscrupulous lawyers
    losing most of their key staff
    probably imploding soon

    • Jason Miles

      The best news I’ve heard all day if your facts are correct

  5. spencerreiss

    Attn Grooveshark fans–free mobile version, imported from Detroit

  6. Jessipe

    Grooveshark has much money and will be proven leagal shortly. I have a friend that is a friend of ECK and he told me that ECK hired a PR firm to Vilify Grooveshark. That might work in the short term but grooveshark will come out a winner.

    • Large Birdie

      Completely false.
      Grooveshark employees are running for the hills. Ask any recruiter or HR person trying to fill a slot at another company.
      The lawyers are go as long as they can til they stop getting paid.
      Then, lights out.

  7. ya

    i absolutely cannot fucking wait until 3d printers get so good that people are able to download plans for and print everything from cars to bluejeans. I cannot wait. That will be the musicians’ solace, watching the companies writhe under the same bullshit artists have been forced into daily.

  8. Cehev

    This company is making enemies from ex employees, small bands, small labels, big labels, and music blog/news sites.
    It’s sort of funny to watch them crumble.
    People should talk to one of the early co-founders of Grooveshark –
    He will have alot to say.