YouTube’s Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Loyal & Engaged Audience…

YouTube has just released a lengthy, detailed guide for cultivating a serious, engaged audience. This 40-page guide (embedded below) includes everything from the optimizing your videos for better discovery to determining the best timing for your uploads.  It’s the “Creator Playbook Guide for Music,” and it’s a serious guide for maximizing your YouTube impact, directly and independently.

Zoom in, zoom out, or download the PDF for offline viewing.

6 Responses

  1. Visitor

    Imagine the amounts of money Google could make on YouTube if Google Search stopped supporting the Piracy Industry…

  2. paulloebmusic

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been using YouTube for the past few years, and these are some great insights!

  3. @dannydee

    they make waay more money through programmitc RTB display/web/mobile ads. Thats a on pace to be a trillion dollar business, music sales are a drop in the bucket for them.

    Hence giving their creators the toolkit to engage viewers and increase subscribes & time spent. That all leads to thier bottom line.

    And they have literaally created the new MCN model in just 2yrs! Exciting times indeed.

  4. AnAmusedGeek

    Really? only 3 comments?

    I would have thought this would be more interesting to the professionals (managers? publicists?) around here…

    Has anyone looked at it? Any interesting techniques for the music market or new/enhanced revenue streams ?

    Is it at least a step in the right direction?

    • Visitor

      I am not in the digital music distribution business and I did not see anything new or groundbreaking.

      I would assume that if someone was in the music distribution business that this information would already be known.

      It looks like a convenient tool for new entries in the business

      • AnAmusedGeek

        Ahh…I’m a complete YouTube newb so I wasn’t sure..