Introducing Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’ Condoms…

Because the last thing you want is to stay out all night and get unlucky

Introducing: the Daft Punk ‘Get Lucky’ condom line, powered by Durex.

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Any questions? Please consult your local Durex representative.

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Top image: Instagram. Bottom image: David Lisbona, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic. Written while listening to Explosions In the Sky.

20 Responses

  1. GGG

    Judging by how old fashioned a lot of your commenters are, I think we might need some Daft Punk Viagra, as well….

    • Visitor

      I’d rather not hear about what you do with the other commenters off-site.

      • lolz

        Make tea, not love!

        Anyway, I agree that at your advanced age, you definately shouldn’t be hearing about such things. You might get a heart attack and when you wake up from the coma, MP3 and CD sales will most likely be down 10 percent.

      • Visitor

        “I’d rather not hear about what you do with the other commenters off-site.”
        Relax, I don’t think GGG’s doing anything except stealing your property if you’re an artist (he admitted to be a thief).
        As for the condoms — I’m not big on merchandise, but this is actully a nice idea.
        I’m sure they’re gonna sell, too. And cause a lot of fun.

        • GGG

          Nope. Thanks Spotify!
          And again, you have nothing to worry about if you’re concerned your music was stolen. I can assure you I’d rather actually pay someone $10 to never have to hear the innane, uncreative tripe you peddle.

          • Yves Villeneuve

            Can you stop promoting Spotify over Rhapsody? Thanks.
            You’re not making any artist-friends by embracing Spotify over Rhapsody all the time.
            You are forgiven if you admit to only trolling in that comment.

          • GGG

            Sigh…we went over this like within the last 48 hours.
            I’m not promoting Spotify over Rhapsody. I just personally only use Spotify to stream, hence I thank Spotify for letting me listen to most of the music I’m curious about for cheap. If you wanna use Rhapsody, by all means do so.
            Also, seeing as GGG is not my actual name and the only “artists” on here I’ve knowingly interacted with are you and Visitor the shitty pop songwriter, I think I’ll live.

          • Yves Villeneuve

            Whatever. Glorifying Spotify at the expense of artists is your choice, even though you’re not promoting Spotify over Rhapsody.

          • GGG

            Well, my bands get more plays on Spotify than YouTube and Rhapdosy so not really at the expense for the ones I work with…

  2. Fuzzgun

    You’re seriously covering this? Make up your mind: you’re either a serious news source that focuses on important developments and trends…or you’re BuzzFeed. You can’t have it both ways, and I suspect I speak for many when i say that we don’t *want* it both ways. This is getting really frustrating, and if you’re not careful some enterprising (serious) journalists are gonna eat your lunch, take all your traffic, and leave you in the dark crafting yet another post about some dumb, vaguely music-related minutiea. C’mon – you can do better.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      On the surface, this is a fun, light article. You might think this is fluffy, but there’s actually a far deeper point: Daft Punk is a group that is creating a highly-creative, potentially very lucrative product based on a song, instead of focusing their energies entirely on traditional, waning platforms.
      Or decrying where recording platforms have gone.
      It’s all part of a broader, confusing space that Daft Punk seems to be navigating quite well. And that’s something I want to cover. Now, I could write several hundred words and several paragraphs on that, but do I have to? More importantly, would you even read that (I doubt it).
      I’d say this picture is worth… well you know the rest.
      So it’s all how you look at it. I’m not sure I agree with the premise of your comment.

      • Visitor

        I understand the larger ramifications of this, and the band’s attempt to explore new revenue streams. But you didn’t connect the dots on that at all in your initial post (as you did in your response). No, you don’t need to write several paragraphs – we get it – but as it stands, the original post just reads as a frivolous news item. While DMN’s readers are intelligent, we’re not mind-readers. I don’t think you can assume that we’ll understand the intentions behind your posts. Sometimes (most of the time) a little context goes a long way.
        My issue with DMN of late is that you combine the most mundane news items with coverage of Big Issues, and the overall effect is one of total editorial schizophrenia. You’ll be talking about Pandora and the crisis of artist compensation, followed by a story about a rapper being shot. It’s like you’re a cross between Daily Swarm and the Economist, and those two things are just too disparate to co-exist on the same site. I really think you need to decide who you are and stick with it (and I strongly urge going the route of more in-depth exploration of issues; there are 8 million sites devoted to music ephemera). I think you have an opportunity (and audience) to “own” coverage of Big Issues in music, but your position is weakened by all the lame filler stories. You don’t need them.

        • Visitor

          “the original post just reads as a frivolous news item”
          Condoms are frivolous?

        • Aristotle

          You sound like a wining Mc Donalds customer who wasn’t told their coffee was hot. Maybe this is a good excersice for you to learn to think for yourself and learn to grow on a creative intellectual level. Life has many faces and just because Pandora’s lobby for artist pay cuts doesn’t mean that Daft Punk is creatively marketing merch. Get over it and pull the corn cob out of your ass while you’re at it.
          I found it interesting as do many others.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          You’ve raised some good points and given me (and, others on the team) some good feedback to think about.
          Just a few points, in response to your points:
          (1) “But you didn’t connect the dots on that at all in your initial post (as you did in your response).”
          “I don’t think you can assume that we’ll understand the intentions behind your posts.”
          Actually, a lot of times I like to leave things open-ended, just to see what the community responds with. For example, if I made this a more serious, lengthy piece with all sorts of explanations I don’t think I would have gotten the responses about how frivolous marketing ‘Get Lucky’ condoms might be.
          You see, my analysis could have smothered that takeaway. Sometimes its better if everyone fills in the dots, not just some pontificating author (oh and I will pontificate my friend…)
          And remember, a lot of people read DMN for the comments more than the articles themselves.

          (2) “No, you don’t need to write several paragraphs – we get it – but as it stands, the original post just reads as a frivolous news item.”
          There’s the other aspect of having some fun, joking around about stuff. Just today we were laughing at Jay-Z mentioning Miley Cyrus twerking on his new album, then checking out the Miley video. I didn’t write an article when that video came out, but it’s still hilarious to me.
          This also made me laugh, so hey, why not?

  3. Adam Smith

    I think this is actually a better idea than Jay-Z/Samsung had. Music Merchandising on a song title. Better than t-shirts and coozies!

  4. Frank from Marketing

    I can’t officially confirm this, mostly because I don’t work for a merch company, but there may be Slipknot-branded tampons and ICP-branded strap-ons coming soon. Not to mention The Rolling Stones’ “I Can Get Plenty of Satisfaction” Cialis.
    It’s an old-person joke. Because the Stones old as hell.

  5. hippydog

    “However, a Durex spokesman has since told MTV: “We are aware of reports that Durex has launched Daft Punk branded condoms following their hit single ‘Get Lucky’. There is no Durex promotion or partnership with Daft Punk in the US or any other markets and Durex is not posting free packs to the world’s top DJs as suggested.”

    Dammit.. to bad..
    This was gonna be HUGE!
    (only thing I could think of as someone already took my rolling Stones Joke..)