Google Signs White House Agreement to Reduce Ad-Supported Piracy…

And not just Google, but Microsoft, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 24/7 Media, Adtegrity, AOL, Condé Nast, Yahoo, and SpotXchange have also signed the agreement to limit the amount of ad-supported piracy online.

Google has long stated that the way to control piracy is to choke off financial support structures for unauthorized sites.  The question is whether this has any teeth, or merely gives actors like Google an easy, DMCA-style out.

Here’s the text, published by the Office of the US Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator today (DMN added red underlines (of course)).

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  1. Central Scrutinizer

    I have been gone for awhile and I return to see that nothing has changed. Political posturing with no economic consequences for non-compliance.
    Google et al will not change substantially, only their image

  2. Visitor

    “Here’s the text”
    Where? We need red underlines. 🙂
    In the meanwhile, here’s a link to

    • Visitor

      Smoking Gun from Digiday…

      Why is Ad Tech Still Funding Piracy?

      “According to AppNexus CEO Brian O’Kelley, it’s an easy problem to fix, but ad companies are attracted by the revenue torrent sites can generate for them. Kelley said his company refuses to serve ads to torrent sites and other sites facilitating the distribution of pirated content. It’s easy to do technically, he said, but others refuse to do it.
      “We want everyone to technically stop their customers from advertising on these sites, but there’s a financial incentive to keep doing so,” he said. “Companies that aren’t taking a stand against this are making a lot of money.”

  3. Visitor

    “The question is whether this has any teeth, or merely gives actors like Google an easy, DMCA-style out.”
    It’s a step on the way.
    We have learned never to trust Google, but the fact that they feel compelled to post this statement today shows the pressure they’re under:
    “Ad Networks will maintain and post policies prohibiting websites that are principally dedicated to selling counterfeit goods or engaging in copyright piracy from participating in the Ad Network’s advertising programs”

  4. Visitor

    I doubt we would have seen any of this without the efforts of Annenberg and Lowery.
    Goes to show that we all can make a real difference what anti-piracy is concerned.
    Everything’s changing. There’s an unprecedented openness and awareness about copyright infringement right now, and I hope artists everywhere will do their best to help politicians and media understand why it’s in the interest of everybody to protect Intellectual Property

    • FarePlay

      I’ll second that. The pro-artist bloggers are having an impact and advertising is a great place to start.
      Even the premiere of Newsroom opened with a short scene about SOPA and piracy. Sorkin would be a great guy to do an episode on Google and online piracy.
      Aaron are you reading this???

  5. Visitor

    Don’t expect ad networks to care about your families. Stop wasting time on Facebook. Work on your .com so that you have good traffic, rank e.t.c.