Layoffs Begin at Slacker…

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The following is a developing story, so please check back for updates (last update: 5:10 pm PCT).

Here’s the problem: Slacker has always lived in the long, deep shadow of Pandora. But now, Pandora is now facing the biggest shadow of its life: iTunes Radio.  Which means that if Pandora is under attack, so are all of its competitors.

Which brings us to this: according to a pair of industry sources sharing top-level numbers, longtime internet radio play Slacker is now laying off employees, battening the hatches, and trimming some fat.  One source with close ties to the company noted that layoffs first started two months ago, then went into overdrive two weeks ago.  “Not sure how many, but it was quite a few,” the source relayed.

Slacker’s media representative, Atomic PR, has declined multiple requests for information.  Which many have already answered the question.

Slacker has always been a really solid service that just couldn’t get noticed by the masses.  Now, it may be too late: just this week, Apple revealed that 20 million users have already tried its iTunes Radio product, just 30 days after release.  That is nearly one-third Pandora’s unique visitor base, and potentially the start of  a very serious migration of listeners.

More details as they become available. 

2 Responses

  1. RockNRollBuddha

    Sad. There were and are some good people over there, and they were good partners. I’ve noticed the changes myself in the last couple of months. Hard to get a straight answer form anyone over there anymore…

  2. Fan

    I’d hate to see Slacker go. I’ve tried all the services and preferred it by a fair margin. Someone was doing something right despite no power/ability to build much of a base.