In 1991, Apple Executive Andre Young Brutally Attacked a Defenseless Woman In an LA Nightclub…

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Yes, this is the newest senior executive at Apple, and no, Dr. Dre (aka, Andre Young) isn’t just ‘playing a part’ in his lyrics.

Dr. Dre isn’t like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, or any other actor playing a violent role, as DMN readers repeatedly insisted over 200 angry emails and comments (here and here).

This is what happened in 1991 to Dee Barnes, an MTV host who portrayed Dr. Dre (aka Andre Young) and N.W.A. in a negative light.  It happened in real life; this was the story that was published by Rolling Stone by author Alan Light.

Young never denied the charges.  Instead, he pled no contest in a subsequent lawsuit and proudly boasted of his actions.

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“The members of N.W.A. have long been accused of glamorizing violence and hatred, and they have always had a defense ready: They’re not advocating anything; they’re just reporting what they see on the streets around them and setting it to Dre and Yella’s funky, bass-powered beats. “We ain’t doing this shit to send out no messages,” Dre told one reporter last year. “We in this shit to get paid. If you say some shit that’s real and people are getting into it, then you’re going to get some flak.” It’s always been an issue, but a recent incident may make the already-disturbing lyrics on Efil4zaggin something much more frightening.

Last November the Fox TV rap video show Pump It Up ran a segment on N.W.A. in which it crosscut between members of the group dissing their former partner Ice Cube and a previous interview with Cube in which he bad-mouthed them. The members of N.W.A. decided that the clip made them look bad. On January 27th, Dre ran into Pump It Up host Dee Barnes at a record-release party in L.A.

According to a statement issued by Barnes, Dre picked her up and “began slamming her face and the right side of her body repeatedly against a wall near the stairway” as his bodyguard held off the crowd. After Dre tried to throw her down the stairs and failed, he began kicking her in the ribs and hands. She escaped and ran into the women’s restroom. Dre followed her and “grabbed her from behind by the hair and proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.” Finally, Dre and his bodyguard ran from the building.

Far from denying the attack, the members of N.W.A. insist that, as Ren says, “she deserved it – bitch deserved it.” Eazy agrees: “Yeah, bitch had it coming.”

“Coming like a motherfucker,” Ren continues, “she shouldn’t have done that.” Barnes says that she was against running the piece in the first place, but Ren disagrees. “She’s lying,” he says. “She had something to do with it. She sure was in that scene with [Ice Cube].”

And Dre himself says: “People talk all this shit, but you know, somebody fucks with me, I’m gonna fuck with them. I just did it, you know. Ain’t nothing you can do now by talking about it. Besides, it ain’t no big thing – I just threw her through a door.”

Barnes, who first filed charges against Dre in February, is now pursuing a civil lawsuit alleging assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress and defamation. “Their whole philosophy has been that they’re just telling stories, just reporting how it is on the streets,” says Barnes. “But they’ve started believing this whole fantasy, getting caught up in their press, and they think they’re invincible. They think they’re living their songs.”

Full archived article here.


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  1. DeezNizzuhh

    Why did DMN have nothing to say about Dre’s lyrics until Apple got involved?

    Why hasn’t DMN had anything to say about the RECORD LABELS that financed and profited (and made much more money than Dre did) off of Dre’s lyrics (for years now)?

    How many Fortune 500 companies have a history owning slaves (African/Nazi Germany)?

    How many companies in America profit(ed) from child worker/slave camp factories overseas?

    When is America going to repay the reparations to African-Americans for the two hundred plus years of government sanctioned slavery?

    it is hypocritical to cherry pick without acknowledging the tree responsible for the fruit …strange fruit.

    • Truth

      Question: Why did DMN have nothing to say about Dre’s lyrics until Apple got involved?
      Answer: Because he was a free agent back then. When a company hires someone and elevates them to a position of importance and leadership, they are holding them out as an example. Paul’s issue is with Apple, not Dre in case you haven’t figured that out.

      Question: Why hasn’t DMN had anything to say about the RECORD LABELS that financed and profited (and made much more money than Dre did) off of Dre’s lyrics (for years now)?
      Answer: Because the expectation/standard for record labels is different than for Apple. Lots of reasons why that’s the case.

      Question: How many Fortune 500 companies have a history owning slaves (African/Nazi Germany)?
      Answer: Probably many

      Question: How many companies in America profit(ed) from child worker/slave camp factories overseas?
      Answer: A lot

      Question: When is America going to repay the reparations to African-Americans for the two hundred plus years of government sanctioned slavery?
      Answer: Not sure

      “it is hypocritical to cherry pick without acknowledging the tree responsible for the fruit …strange fruit.”

      Hypocrisy in this case would require that Paul be for slave owning, for child labor, and against reparations for African-Americans. I don’t think he said any of those things, so no hypocrisy here.

      And for the record, I don’t feel the least bit convinced that we need to solve the root causes of African despotism BEFORE we are allowed to be outraged about the school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. What they have done is wrong. It doesn’t mean that they too haven’t been wronged in many ways. But terrorizing girls and kidnapping them is wrong – always.

      Dre beat up a woman and bragged about it. Apple has hired him and elevated him to a status of leadership within their company. If I worked at Apple, I’d be beyond furious. Paul is bringing this undeniable fact to light.

      Apple, are you listening?

      • rob parker

        Had to go with “Beats by Dre” doesn’t have the same ring if it’s “Pushed down the stairs by Dre”.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Your logic is ridiculous. What you are effectively saying is that Andre Young bears no responsibility for his actions, that he is some animal created by others.

      • Lets hold off

        I suggest to stop this conversation or Paul might be forced to sale his DMN.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          There have been offers to purchase DMN, starting a few years ago.

      • DeezNizzuhh

        I’m saying that it’s mighty suspicious of you to throw this article out from left field about Dr. Dre when clearly it’s not an issue NOW.

    • go eff yo self

      When is America going to repay the reparations to African-Americans for the two hundred plus years of government sanctioned slavery?

      nobody needs to pay black people anything.

      nobody needs to care more about black people either, your cousins sold you off because you were deemed inferior to them . there you go. now you dont have to have that self pitty mantle.

      be happy you are not a slave right now boy.

      • Socrates Johnson

        when are blacks going to reimburse whites for all the costs they incur?

        • DeezNizzuhh


          If we are going to talk about cost, let’s talk about the cost that people of color have paid/are paying due to white people fucking up the planet. Don’t talk to me about welfare because white people are the BIGGEST welfare recipients as far as the poor goes. FURTHER, the whole goddamn country is in a state of welfare with these tax cuts for the rich, corporate bailouts and currency manipulation, so let’s talk about who’s spending what on who. Let’s have a conversation about it.

          Or just sit your ass down.

      • White Supremacist Hater

        White supremacist much?

        First, many of our “cousins” that you refer to who helped capture rival tribes, found themselves in chains and enslaved as well, which you will find by verifying facts instead of spreading your racists opinions.

        Secondly this country was build on the genocide and illegal land grab of Native Americans (trail of tears), and multiple CENTURIES of free labor that my ancestors contributed.

        Furthermore, YOUR ancestors tried to break us by castrating our men, raping our women, feeding our babies to alligators and by committing multiple other demonic actions against our people, and guess what…WE’RE STILL HERE.

        So yes, if the native americans were granted compensation, and the japanese were granted compensation, and the jews were granted compensation, then after 200+ years of antebellum slavery that built the American economy, then yes BLACK PEOPLE DESERVE COMPENSATION.

      • Fook Yu

        Tough talk from internet tough guys. You wanna talk about rape and shit? Just look how bad Africa is now, they rape, torture and kill their own people. Kidnap women for sex slaves. Want to talk about white people ruining the world? Get out a map and try and find one African American ran country that isn’t swimming in violence, poverty, and corruption. I’ll give you a spoiler, you can’t. You fuck sticks need to look in the mirror before you start spouting off on that bullshit. And I would tell you that to your face, and if you had a problem with it and tried to attack me over stating a fact, I’d shoot you in the face.

  2. ben

    what your problem with apple staff and what they did in the 90s?!?!?!

    • Tim Cook

      Everyone on here is misguided and having a knee-jerk reaction.

      For those of you who don’t understand the big corporate process for promoting someone to a position as prominent as Andre’s, please let me explain how it works:

      1. A basic background check is performed. This check brings up felony convictions, no-contests, and everythign else. Its kind of raw, but we try not to leave a stone un-turned.

      2. When questionable issues come up, we have our lawyers investigate the outstanding issues further. We don’t take anything to chance, as we run the bigest company in the world, and we spare no expense. If there is actual legal liability, we pass. But if the person in question is clear of the charges (and especially the limitiation of liability time-frame), we proceed to the next step.

      3. For situations that are “difficult” to pigeon-hole – like Dre’s history – we go even further and do a check with our advertising agency to see how the public would react to bringing them into the inner circle of Apple senior management. Often this results in market testing some messages to ensure that our brand doesn’t suffer from the hire.

      4. In the end, we think about how our own families would react to the hire as a final litmus test. i.e. “What would my sister say to me about this?”.

      Finally, we arrive at a conclusion and make the decision….

      In this case: The bitch deserved it.

      – Tim Cook

  3. ben

    “Attacked a Defenseless Woman”

    no single word WHY he attacked her!

    • Anonymous

      “no single word WHY he attacked her”

      That’s not even remotely relevant.

      Let’s not confuse things here: Paul made a mistake earlier this week when he implied that Dre raped and killed a woman.

      But this story is not only relevant, it’s also very important.

      I love Dre’s work — but I agree with Paul on this one: Apple should not have hired Dre.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Dre and other members of the group explained that she deserved this because of the negative portrayal of the group.

  4. agraham999

    DMN is starting to feel a bit like its going off the deep end. You need to stop these ridiculous posts or I’m done coming here and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  5. Paul Resnikoff

    Paul, you have just lowered yourself to a level of dumbassery I’ve never witnessed before.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Seriously, shut the blog down now and call it a day. You’re done, braw.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Resnikoff might be an asshole, but DMN is almost bigger than Billboard.

  6. Eleri

    Ugh. I can’t believe the comments. Dare I say… #YesAllWomen. It doesn’t matter what she did or said. No one deserves to get beaten. A real man would get up and walk away if it was that bad, and let it go. Women are not responsible for men’s actions. We are not your punching bags. The reason why DMN writes about this is because someone is getting majorly PROMOTED despite a violent history and a lack of respect towards women. Everyone is all for firing Donald Sterling due to racist comments and perhaps even for his past racist behaviors, but no one cares about Dr. Dre being promoted and even making money off of misogyny. Thank you, Paul, for bringing light to the issue.

    • Really

      You might have missed the point: Andre Young is not a real man as evidenced by his behavior. He is embarrassing, as a human.

      Until Apples interest in Beats, Andre’s sad adolescent lyrics were insignificant and didn’t matter to anyone who mattered. Whereas billionaire Sterling, his highly influential status matter to many people–they are threatened by it. Of course Liberal attempts at thought control is going to one day really backfire.

    • Goethe


      He is not a man, period. For his behavior and expressions; he is an embarrassment at best. He is obviously self-loathing and definitely afraid of women; that’s what all of that angry control effect speak is about. Yet it does seem quite ‘cool’ if you are a troubled 12 year old.

      As for his career based on his adolescent lyrics, he mattered to no one important until he stepped into Apple’s league. His music work isn’t taken seriously in a more mature world where corporate power can determine the destiny of some communities. He is not to be compared to Sterling who has true power and influence. Andre is merely someone out of showbiz; he can be put right back to where he came from if tries to get jerky.

    • Augure

      Fuck off with your feminism, because of the huge propaganda that is being force fed to us, you probably think that this is big.

      But nobody gives a shit or want feminism, mainly because this is irrational misandric bullshit, but Dr. Dre won’t get anything.

      Pretty much like when a random quys talks to a girl or is rude, it’s a scandal to girl, but as soon as it’s a celebrity like say, James Franco who rapes a girl in London and then seduces an underage girl, oh it’s no problem or “why didn’t she say yes humhum” can we read coming from women in the comments.

      Women are bitches by nature, a nature than can be changed, problem is feminism is just making this problem worse.

      • Sapien


        You are absolutely justified in being afraid of feminists/women because they a statistically more intelligent than males and you one day are going to be their bitch as they boss and fire your sorry infantile @ss because you are so truly useless in every way in life. Seriously what do you personally think you are ever going to amount to in life beside nothing? The way you talk you’ve already demonstrated you are uneducated and truly low socioeconomically statuses. Advice: go find a farm to work on. 🙂

        • Uhhh...

          I don’t think hopping on an intellectual mantle is the best idea here… You immediately called this guy stupid and then grammatically butchered the closing sentence of your argument when you attempted to display superiority with large words.

          One must love the internet.

      • Eleri

        Women are not bitches by nature. There are good, loving men and women and also selfish men and women. All sexes have the capacity for either meanness or kindness. Feminism is about equality and pushing both sexes to be better people and learn from each other. And, I know plenty of men that call themselves feminists 🙂

  7. huh?

    Sometimes karma waits and waits and waits. Andre Young has gotten away with nothing.

    As for Apple and that highly over-rated Beats product…God help them.

    DMN, thank you for showing conscience and integrity by not allowing that infantile recording artist to look like some maverick icon–bubble gum is bubble gum no matter how famous it is.

  8. dude

    Im not tryin to defend Dre for punching a girl out over nothing and then bragging about it because obviously thats wrong, but we’re talking about something he did 23 years ago. Thats a very long time — almost half a lifetime for Dre, probably more than half a lifetime for you and near as makes no difference my entire lifetime. Do we not grow and change as people over the course of our lives? Do you believe Dre is the same person now that he was when he was in his early 20s? Do you think he still believes the fantasy that he created with NWA, and do you think he still tries to live that out the way he was in 1991? Are YOU the same person you were when you were in your early 20s? Probably not.

    So why is Dre forever defined by NWA lyrics and early 90s rapper antics in your mind?

    Im not even tryin to necessarily say that Dre deserves a corner office at Apple. Maybe he does, maybe not. But dont you think that you’d come to a better conclusion about his merits as a technology exec by examining the person he is now, not the one he was a quarter century ago? If you deny me on that point, what do you think Dre SHOULD be allowed to do assuming hes got his shit straightened out since then? Should the doors to legitimate success be closed to him forever? What do you think that would accomplish?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      He was about 26 when the incident occurred. And he’s rapped about ‘choking and slapping a bitch’ well into his 30s (he is 49 now). In fact, Eminem even pokes fun about the whole incident above in ‘Guilty Conscience,’ when Andre Young was about 34.

      So, I’m not quite sure he regrets the whole thing. But there are indications he does not.

      • dude

        Assuming you were in charge at Apple and Dre had to answer to you, what would convince you he’s worthy of the corner office?

        • Paul Resnikoff

          I wouldn’t have even made the deal in the first place. As CEO, I would immediately recognize that it disagrees with the culture I’m trying to create. Violently disagrees, quite literally.

          • dude

            Well if you wouldn’t give him a chance no matter what that leaves us with the initial question — a lot can change about a person over the course of two and a half decades, don’t you think you should at least consider the possibility he’s a better person now at almost 50 than he was at 26 before you totally write him off? If not then why not, cause that seems totally unfair and unreasonable to me?

          • Paul Resnikoff

            That’s a valid point, though I think there’s a lot more than just this incident to consider.

    • Sapien

      Well I appreciate your sense of forgiveness it is a very good thing without argument; yet the Nazi regime was a long time ago too. Should we permit Hitler a little slack on his actions perhaps even celebrate some of his better achievements? He fought for world peace you know? It was because of Hitler we have jet and rocket technology, incredible advances in medical technology, film advances, Volkswagen, anti-tobacco and anti-vivisection, superior highways atomic energy (where do you think Albert came from) and so much more for which the whole world relies. Is Adolf OK now? Probably not huh? So how about that two bit rapper brat that calls himself a Dr.?

    • Anonymous

      “we’re talking about something he did 23 years ago”

      And that’s relevant because…?

      Until now, I would have considered it a pleasure to work with Dre. He’s one of the finest producers on the planet. But it turns out he’s also a man who could kick your daughter/sister/mother/wife in the ribs.

      I have to say I wouldn’t shake his hand after this.

      Would you?

      Apple hates bad press, and this is as bad as it gets. Cook needs to react.

    • Versus

      Has Dre ever expressed remorse or attempted to make right on what he did?
      That would indicate a change (or at least a public relations version thereof).

  9. Jorge Brea - Symphonic

    I’m willing to bet there are executives in multi billion dollar corporations who aren’t rappers that invent head phones that have done worser things. They just haven’t been caught and don’t make music about it. I think we all got the point with the first article you wrote and this one raises valid points about Dre but what’s your goal in writing this? The deal is done and he’s there, there is no investigation, no women’s groups against them or him personally, no rioting, no protests outside apple campuses….is this just an attempt to get further placement and attention in more mass media by exposing? Or are you stating your obvious dislike of the deal Apple made?

    Just trying to understand why you as founder of this website would go down the tmz lane instead of continuing to report good and reliable news which you do quite often. Not trying to start crap or anything and I’m def not writing this with the intention of pissing you or anybody off but maybe you can enlighten all of us and explain your goal with writing about what many already recognize after the first article. Especially pointing out how much dislike an emails you received.

    Lastly, Snoop basically killed someone and is a spokesperson for overstock, there are other musicians that once did this, and did that and for all I know, Dre, snoop, and others haven’t changed but I just don’t see what the overall point in writing about this is. Other then that, keep up the good work.

    • Anonymous

      “no women’s groups against them or him personally, no rioting, no protests outside apple campuses”

      I guess most people didn’t know that Dre kicked a woman in the ribs. I know I didn’t, and I have loved his work for a long time.

      But let’s see what’s going to happen now — I’m sure a lot of people are sending mails to Apple as we speak.

      And Tim Cook needs to let him go.

      I’m not saying that convicted criminals should be kept out of society; I’m not suggesting we lock them away for life. Everybody can screw up, and people deserve a second chance. Especially if they just steal a million or two, or do a bit of drugs.

      But this is serious.

      Did Dre for instance have the courtesy of asking his victim if she was pregnant before he kicked her? Or did he just take the chance of committing murder?

      In either case, he is not suited for the job.

  10. Real Critique

    This is a fascinating post. Does a man nearly 50 get hold accountable for what he did when he was in his 20s his entire life? Maybe so. Do the same people who want to hold Dre accountable want to hold the entire genre of rap accountable, because they should, and not just for misogyny, but for selling the notion that elevation of materialism, violence to get what you want, and ignorant criminality are approaches to life that deserve to be packaged as ‘art’. Does anyone really put any rap up there with Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix or even Chuck Berry? Puhlease. Chuck D is really the only bright light.

    NWA was sold to America by Jerry Heller, a jewish (white) promoter. Bring him into it, why don’t you? Ice Cube left because he was the main writer and not getting paid. ‘Yo, Dre, stick to producin’, indeed. Eazy had a deal with Heller and that was that. I loved the spirit and intensity of NWA’s first record. It was much like an American Sex Pistols, specifically targeted to anger a nation so rotten it had to be attacked, and Cube knew how to do it with flair and intellect. The record after he left, EFIL4ZAGGIN, when I heard it, was just disgusting. No class, no moderation, little brains, just criminal aggression, and misogyny beyond belief. Then again, white people didnt want to investigate the background for this hatred in a poor, minority community.

    I’m more appalled at the stupid millenials who still buy rap today, and the foreigners overseas who adapt what really is the lowest form of music to walk the planet, along with modern country. Zero originality, sampled hack musicianship, boring, overdone, childish vocal stylings, grade school thought, but it is well-produced on occasion (except live). Dre always was a master of production. Too bad he couldn’t muster enough intellect to write interesting lyrics, but he knew enough to find real vocal talent (at rap level) like Snoop and Eminem. Want to throw away your youth getting stoned and going nowhere, but feigning rebellion? Rap is perfect.

    Dre shouldn’t be at Apple? He shouldn’t be, you’re right, but I didnt know Apple was a saintly place. No US citizen is a saint, and certainly no corporation. We have tolerated abuse of the world on such a scale it’s incredible. Apple is a pollution and garbage factory, and Dre a tired of symbol of a once edgy creator now worth a billion plus dollars for what – some laquered headphones that aren’t even accurate. Yawn, and yawn to the acared silicon peons. You think misogyny is bad? Wait until you see what a broken down society does to its men. It’s coming.

    • Tim Wood

      +1 overall, except, women are the world’s best hope at this time to move the world beyond dominance battles, virility displays, unilateral action over communication, and other male-associated tendencies that have become maladaptive. Fortunately, fewer women get turned on by that stuff than before, which may just help men change.

  11. axgrindr

    Tech execs and company co-founders are constantly getting called to task and even fired for the stupid things they say about women.
    The co-founder of Rap Genius is no longer because of the stupid crap he kept posting and official apologies all around for the same type of stupidity from Atlassian engineer Jonathan Doklovic and his demeaning presentation in Berlin. The list goes on.
    But Dr Dre gets some kind of free ride after violently beating the shite out of a woman?
    I don’t get it.

  12. Ill Tal Beats

    Sorry, I don’t get the attack on Dr. Dre either. Jay-Z has a criminal past as well – being a self-proclaimed drug dealer and being associated with the stabbing of Lance “Un” Revera. So why are his multi-million dollar deals free of scrutiny? Because he wears expensive suits and appreciates fine art?

    Dr. Dre shouldn’t be at Apple because he assaulted a women 20+ years ago? What about the Apple management that decided to use sweat shops to build their parts? They abuse far more than one person and it’s happening TODAY not 20 years ago. They aren’t the ones physically abusing but does that make it any better?

    Is it acceptable that Dr. Dre beat a woman? No. But if every person that ever did something terrible couldn’t get a job, there would be a lot of openings.

    • They don't get jobs now

      “But if every person that ever did something terrible couldn’t get a job, there would be a lot of openings.”

      When you do something as terrible as beating up a woman, you’re usually called a “Felon”, and felons basically don’t get jobs now.

    • Versus

      Anyone who beats up a defenseless woman, and not only shows no remorse, but writes it off as justified, only deserves a job in a gulag.

  13. Paul Resnikoff

    Pando Daily

    “Apple plans to acquihire a man who violently assaulted a woman and the tech industry doesn’t care”

  14. Tyson McCormick

    Old news and Dre is far from the same person he was in those days. Why are we dragging up something that happened over 20 years ago?

  15. David Rogers

    He’s not there cause he’s mister nice guy…he knows music. period. Go to wall street or inside any government building in America and you’d be covered head to toe in criminals. They just lie and hide it better.

  16. Broose Tulloch

    And the point of digging up dirt from over twenty years ago is? Your yellow journalism just cost you a follower.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Great. Wife Beater Times is looking for new readers.

  17. J.R. Mansanet

    Please!!! Anything he did 20 years ago or has done since pails in comparison to what these politicians do on a daily basis. Killing our proud to be American soldiers based on lies all for capital gain. I can’t believe they are trying to bring shit up and bash this man. What he has done in his life and in music in nothing short of amazing. Stop hatin and give the man his props.

  18. Skye Sdr

    Honestly this just confirms that DMN is becoming more irrelevant by the day. Ive been following for 6-7 years when it was timely email blasts actually about the industry, not tmz crap and “10 things not to say onstage” bs.

  19. Andy Jusuf

    What’s in the past stays in the past! He’s done a lot for the industry and he’s definitely a much better person nowadays. He’s a great father and some say he’s pretty down to earth. We’re lucky it is him who co-founded Beats with Jimmy, NOT Marion (SUGE) Knight! lol

    • Ya!

      I whole-heartedly agree with this comment!

      I beat up a woman just yesterday.

      But today I changed, and I shouldn’t feel any repercussions for that now.

      What’s in the past, stays in the past. Amen brother! Can’t think of a better way to live life than not having to take any responsibility for your past actions. The coolest thing about it is that as soon as I’m done doing something – its in the past!

  20. Sean Suydam

    So you mean to tell me that the former gangster assaulted someone who was talking shit about him?

    Jeeze, that’s terrible. Next thing you know, I’ll hear that he has guns or smokes that wacky tobaccy!

  21. JS

    Everyone in here who is the exact same person (same maturity level, same outlook on life, same lack of impulse control, same way of handling things) that they were 23 years ago please raise your hand!!!

  22. EJ

    I’m kind of shocked at how many commenters are missing the point. This isn’t about Dre. Its about Apple.

    One of the long-term consequences of committing crimes (albeit he only plead no contest in this case, but it seems likely he did it considering he bragged about it) is harm to your reputation. Sponsors, employers, associates will now have to take that into consideration before they latch their name onto yours, especially if they are elevating you to a position of leadership.

    Although time slowly heals reputations, the more effective prescription is to admit what you’ve done (publicly in this case), apologize to the people you harmed, and then at least attempt to set things right with them. Some people call this ‘taking responsibility for your actions’. It tends to be a sign of maturity, and the first step in repairing your reputation.

    Does anyone know if Dre ever owned up to his actions, apologized, or tried to make things right with Ms. Barnes – outside of a court forcing him to do so?

    • Versus

      “I’m kind of shocked at how many commenters are missing the point. This isn’t about Dre. Its about Apple.”

      Exactly. I am ashamed to be associated with Apple at this point. I say this as a former Apple developer and charter member of Guy Kawasaki’s cult of Mac.

      I once believed Apple was truly about aiming to build a better future. Where does mindless violence fit into that future?

      • Anonymous

        “I am ashamed to be associated with Apple at this point. I say this as a former Apple developer”
        When you’ll stop using Apple products and move to another brand/system, make sure that no employee of that company has ever been guilty of any offense in the past. Maybe they can show you a certificate that guarantees that all their employees throughout the world are certified saints.. Good luck with that.

  23. Anonymous

    The West Coast rap/ hip hop game. A destructive cultural force destroying the cornerstone of a great movement from the South Bronx.

  24. Albert Shanker

    The great genius and contribution of violent thugs who stole music from the world at large.

  25. Key

    This is sooooooooooooooo old!! It’s 2015 and this happened when I was in high school,my son is in high school. Quit bringing up on shit


    LOL look at all the pathetic feminists here. If a man beats a women it should follow him for the rest of his life and he should never be employed by anybody. But if he hits a man its no big drama.

  27. jesus

    blacks are violent subhumanoids and when they tell you beleive them, and when they show you lock them up for as long as possible.

    • White Supremacist Hater

      Lol are we now?

      Let’s see, after 200+ years of slavery, which included the raping of our women, castrating of our men, hanging of our men and women, beatings of our men and women, the feeding of our babies to wild animals, and then suffering through Jim Crow, where it was LEGAL in your beloved united states to turn water hoses and attack dogs on us, where you bombed our churches and killed our innocent children, where you continued to lynch us, where you killed off our community leadership, and now with your systematic white supremacy where your race soldiers parading around as police officers can choke us and kill us on camera with no conviction, and we still continue to be a defenseless people being attacked by the system you call US violent?? I think holding the mirror up might give you clearer insight as to who the violent one truly is.

  28. twilson

    for a moment lets put away the admiration you might have for dre….be it with his past in rap, or maybe his business savvy…..lets put it away for a moment…… we answer for things we do in the past?….especially if they are things that did harm……..the answer is yes………the comments being made here highlight a problem in the industry….that is, women…..specifically, women in the music business…..and not necessarily musicians…..this particular woman was a music journalist who commented on the lyrics of the group{NWA}……lyrics that painted women in a horrible light, as all of you know…….afterwards, she was thrown through a glass door…….and as some of you have said or maybe you were just saying what was said at the time….”the bitch deserved it”……..she deserved it because she was doing her job………..she was right……and dre proved it………….

  29. danwriter

    Why is this story being run again? What newsworthy event triggered it?