Jay Z, Beyonce, Jack White, Coldplay, Arcade Fire’s Fans HATE Tidal. Here’s What They’re Saying…

The dramatic launch of Tidal on Monday, the “game changing” new streaming/content platform, was met with whoops and applause.  The cheers came from industry insiders and select press who were invited to the exclusive, 100-ish person event at the Skylight at Moynihan Station in NYC.

Hours before the event took place, the 16 superstar, musician owners — Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, Jack White, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, Alicia Keys, deadmau5, Jason Aldean, J. Cole and Madonna — all changed their social media accounts turquoise to signify their #TidalforAll movement.  No one really understood the meaning behind the turquoise (especially because most artists told their fans to turn their profiles “blue”).  But once the details of Tidal were officially announced and the videos were posted to the stars’ Facebook Pages, the fans understood what was happening. And they didn’t like it.

Along with a few people turning their profiles GREEN with the accompanying hashtag #SpotifyforAll, the fans let their voices be heard.  You done f’d up when your fans pledge allegiance to a tech company over you.

And even the artists who OWN the damn company don’t seem to be completely on board.  The owners/artists’ true belief in their new company can be quite aptly summed up by what Arcade Fire changed their Facebook cover photo to just hours after the announcement.  (The link goes to iTunes).  Slow. Clap.

+What Jay Z And Tidal Need To Do To Truly Change The Music Industry

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“Sorry Jay, but your publicity stunt lacked credibility since every person on stage was a millionaire – if you had said you were giving a chance to new talent to get paid for the hard work they do I would have been totally persuaded. Pop stars used to get together to end famine and other noble causes – not to make the rich even richer.”

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“I hope the payment for musicians is better. I will pay more when I know the musician gets paid in the right way”

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“I thought it was for helping people, you know…humanity, but no, just a way to protect their music and get more money”

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“I think I would rather see them banding together against hunger or racism or violence or child abuse… but silly me… they just want to band together to make more money.”

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62 Responses

  1. Bass

    People on social media complaining about narcissism. When did I arrive in Bizarroworld and how do I go back??

    • Anonymous

      They also complain about women, jews, blacks, gays, sopa, acta, pipa and bad weather. Who cares…

      • Lex

        They even complain about being complained about. Fuck em.

  2. so

    People who refuse to pay *anything* for music criticizing others for being selfish. Rich.

  3. Anonymous

    Let’s see what they’re going to do, it’s not even remotely relevant what they say.

  4. And yet...

    These guys love it: http://www.techradar.com/us/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/music/tidal-music-1270607/review

    And these guys: http://betanews.com/2015/04/02/what-is-tidal-lossless-hifi-music-worth-first-impressions-review/

    Sprint’s talking about investing in it: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/04/02/jay-z-and-tidal-sprint/70843980/

    Somehow I just can’t bring myself to give a sh*t about what some entitled cheap ass douche on the Internet has to say about rich people getting richer by providing a quality service at a competitive price. Like those goofs said in their stupid little twitterbook posts, I hope they do boycott all the musicians involved in Tidal as well as every other musician on the planet. Good luck learning how to write a song ya jags.

  5. Anonymous

    In other news: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Pandora and Spotify don’t help the homeless/sick/poor.

  6. superduper

    I hate it too. It’s not only completely overpriced, but what’s worse is that it’s creating a divide between fans and artists. I know that you can say that the divide is only between the “ones on stage” i.e. the shareholders in this company but I think it effects every artist. It’s making people care less about supporting music rather than helping it.

  7. Wooly

    At least it sounds like the fans are on board and excited about this new effort. ;-/

  8. Tcooke

    Misguided pinchy people there expecting recorded music to be free. Fans.

  9. Anonymous

    oddly enough i just happened to get a new turquoise shirt a week or two ago, looks good on me, might be my new color, that and purple…

    Music is one of the worst things to be in, because the a people’s want free and they expect their artists to be Jesus, but not even the tradesman workman invoice handing cheque cashing Jesus but rather the one that’s been used to push others certain agendas of free free free free and of course the martyrdom, so they can stay tethered to their cubicle working for the man too afraid to say or do anything and let someone else take the fall so they can be entertained all when the one taking the fall gets killed, they can then go back to the web or whatever looking for the next leader to follow blindly and faceless, so Arteests are screwed no matter what they do, unless they specifically mount up and do those humanitarian things, which they never do anymore unfortunately, whether because of black hawk down, or just the over corporatized nature of it all, who knows…

    Its a lose lose to be an artist these days, not even sure you get laid anymore unless you are making it rain on bitches…

    Social media is just brutal anyways where the cynical hide behind the computer bullies and etc. come out in full force to slag anything and everything and everyone at all given times, even coding bots to do it when they sleep…

    Shit i mean on twitter i started getting tweeted about being in the Illuminati myself, getting slagged off and told a whole bunch of stuff, and i was like, say what? If im in the Illuminati where the fucks my money at then, ya dig?? I just make some tunes and suddenly people in Romania are slagging me off thinking im something i might not be? Its awful…

    Luckily peoples attention spans are shorter then a gnat these days and tomorrow these people will have forgotten all that and will once again be cruising down the street blaring jay-z pretending to stunt on fools like they ballin and ish, all fogged up like they so damn cool, and then be sucking all these supahstars off before you know it anyways… Essentially theyll immediately be offline and bumping these peoples tunes using it in their lives however they want idolizing them again soon enough…

    That is the world we now live in… You just can’t win no matter what… Look att eh shellacking so many people take, and when they change, they just start getting slagged off by another group of people, there is seriously zero hope, the secret is to not let that affect you and bring you down into a brooding dark misery… I mean Billy Clinton there got hammered non stop, but his values seem to tend towards that of humanitarianism, but because he wasnt hugging trees i guess that wasnt good enough, so no matter what you do, at some point, you will get annihilated by people… These people do contribute a lot of money to things that do good work as well they employ a lot of people, what real gripe do any of those supposed fans have?? Likely none, all deserving pay for nothing punk kids think they know it all, just like all of us were at that age… Of course they want free music, it doesnt cut into their piddly pittance of an allowance they might get, thus allowing them to buy alcohol and drugs and condoms, yet their parents cover their rent and food and clothing and everything else, so just wait until they are thrust into adulthood and suddenly go, f me my music consumption is the least of my expenses, and then maybe theyll have a bit of a change of heart, cause i couldnt care less whether music is free or not, cause so long as no one is doing any similar pirating of rent prices and food prices and etc. Then it just does me no good anywhere…

    Everyone always wants everything as cheap as possible and then will slag off anyone who threatens that, whether they are punk kids or whether they are conglomerate CEO’s, no matter what, in a Capitalistic regime, the mighty dollar is God almighty and is worth more then life and health, period!!!

    Those fans and the a peoples couldnt care less about them or me or you anyways, so yeah, get yours, cash in, cash out, and then peace peace peace out…

  10. Anonymous

    Someone or a group of people need to take all these people’s names down, and then go source every last one of them out in the flesh in the real world, and put them to the test…

    Like Matthew Rubin, lets knock in his door and see if hes ready to give his life for the cause, if hes ready to mount up for the revolution, whatever the cause and the revolution are, and lets see if when push comes to shove and the ish hits the fan if good old Matthew Rubin there is ready and willing to actually do it, i bet 99% of those people will quickly change their tune…

    They just want free and slag everything and everyone off that isnt or that threatens it, period! You can be damn sure whatever job he has or business he is in, hes demanding money from people, as it always is…

    • Name2

      As far as I can see, Rubin left only one comment:

      This is the cause you want us to unite around? Disappointing…

      And given the Messianic tone leading up to and during the press event, I’d say the man has a point. (And I say that as a $20 subscriber). I mean, I get it, yeah, they’re trying to stem a tide and change the way things are done, and we really don’t know yet what it all looks like, and it may be a game-changer that we’re looking at.

      But just as copyright holders have been wanting to jettison the fourth amendment for computer owners 20 years now (and my response is, “Er, no. I’m sorry you’re having business problems, but if illegal search and seizure is the only solution, then it sucks to be you.”), when you ask that I act like a Taylor Swift fangirl and “online activism” for a music streaming service, again, (like most people over 14 years of age) I’m gonna go with “No”.

      DMN thinks this fact is headline news.

      • Thing One

        Well said. I’ll add that while I think there are problems with the attitude that everything needs to be free, that doesn’t change the fact that the emperor has no clothes in this situation. $20 for what? Give me a T-shirt at least.

        • Anonymous

          One thing people will eventually figure out, these people are not their main customer, the fan is no longer the main customer and it is becoming less and less that way, it just helps to keep up appearances as the artist now plays the middleman working to Sheppard the fan to the brand, or herd the cattle to the slaughtering house… 😉

          When you look into the analytics these people are on these days and the way they are working hard to make music full on targeted, you quickly see that the brands call the shots and are ultimately the main customer and you can see why the labels really want to remove the free tier…

          The free tier needs to go in order to attach a name and a zipcode to each and every listener so that they can offer better data and info to those advertisers and brands looking to narrow their demographic down so that they can get the most out of their marketing spend, thats it, but no way the labels want to tell people that, so they have to concoct this big smoke show, the majors are fine, its the little guy and the middle class that are getting straight annihilated, and the labels and celebrity artists and brands etc. use that as fodder for their real cause…

          Music if it hasnt will become numbers on paper, and the more and more it goes to analytics, more and more the music will be made for those analytics, the divide will only get bigger, the music will only get more corporate, and thats the way it is…

          Artists to me these days are a box of kellogs cornflakes, thats what i see when i look at one of them, may as well make a robot program the thing to smile, unless they are one of their shows villain characters, and say what the brand whats it to say, yes kids eats your cheerios and your mcdonalds, what every growing organism needs to flourish in life, no need for a human to do that job anymore, no need for artists to say anything of worth or value, its gone corporate, and thats just the way it is…

        • Anonymous

          What attitude thgat everything needs to be free?

          Where all my main expenses in life are, I never here about free anything ever and the cost only goes up, so I don’t know where this free everything attitude comes up…

          Free everything would make a far better world, sadly it won’t and can’t happen anytime soon as we are stuck in this sort of system for a very long time, and if u aren’t rich, u are screwed, although the peasantry does have it better then ever… which makes this whole free thing rather confusing, its just someone else’s money making business model, and sadly I’m on the bad end of it, and no one cares, is what it is….

    • Versus

      Absolutely right. Their grand cause of freedom is just a sorry Pirate Party:
      “Give me everything for free”.
      All rights, no duties.
      No society can function this way, capitalist or other.

  11. Name2

    What they hate is being asked to shill on behalf of people living some very comfortable lives.

  12. rox4pay

    Time to wise up and realize that recording is a lost leader to bring ears into venues.
    And all the lipsyncers need to get good enough to do a LIVE show or get the hell out of the biz.
    If streaming is taking all the money out of writing, writers ought to be, or get smart enough to negotiate for a piece of the performance/mech pie, learn to sing/play so they can do their own live shows, or give it all up and get a job pumping gas or waitressing.
    EVERY marketplace evolves, and anyone who refuses to evolve along with the marketplace they sell their product within deserves to be left behind by it.

    • Versus

      The marketplace changes; to say it “evolves” suggests it is actually progress.

      The market is not always right.

  13. FarePlay

    Damn. The knives are out big time. I haven’t seen such concerted contempt since Lars Ulrich. And we all know how that turned out.

  14. steveh

    It’s truly amazing!

    The launch of Tidal is so fucking ghastly that it’s actually making me, a massive Spotify sceptic, fell more positive about Spotify!

    Who’d a thought it?

  15. Seanus

    I don’t care if your a rich artists or a poor one, all artists should be paid for there work unless he or she makes there art available for free. There is know I’m a millionaire now cut off point that means I dont want to be paid for my art anymore but everybody else in the music biz including fan can benefit from it. The only greed I see is from so called fan wanting something for nothing. independent or mainstream I Support the artists right to be paid.

  16. My Wave, My Beach

    all of those naysayers can stay busy slinging their sH*t to those artists. i LOVE Tidal. i’ve been gladly paying the $19.99/month (business tax write off) since the very day Tidal launched last Fall. the sound quality is very noticeable – especially when you play via your iPhone thru the bluetooth in the car.

  17. Mike

    The tone deaf comments on here are a revealing look into an industry that doesn’t care about its audience, and refuses to adapt and adjust to the market. Spotify is beloved, yet rather than jump aboard that train, greed wins out yet again. Tidal won’t win. The marketplace has largely decided that. When the sheep-like fans of artists who easily command their audience to buy anything throw up their hands in disgust, you know this is DOA.

    But hey, it’s better to mock the audience and call them cheap for seeing through this cash grab.
    Once Spotify streams in true lossless, the game will be over.

        • Anonymous

          Paid troll?

          Where do I sign up?

          Yeah no doubt, how does one go about acquiring that kind of job?

          What sort of qualifications, experience and credentials are required in order to be a candidate for such a position?

          What exactly is the pay and the job description?

          Are you an employee or an independent contractor?

          I have people bullying me about being a paid troll and complaining and whining all over the place for me to be fired… Thing is, im not paid, im no ones employee, im not a troll, i cant be fired, i own what i do, im the boss, im the captain, so its quite odd, i dont get it… It seems people just want me to die or something, thats how sick people are of me i guess, no matter what i do or where i go, same thing all the time, what a sad world and society we live in… 🙁

          Id be just fine settling all this music b.s. so we can all move on and then getting paid to anonymously troll, so who is hiring then and what do i have to do?


          • Anonymous

            I’m totally serious though. I’d love to be a paid troll personally!! 🙂 Getting paid for what I do for free would be a godsend.

            Where do I sign up? I’d shill for pretty much anyone. Spotify, Jay-Z, anyone. Hire me!!

          • Anonymous

            Where? Is there an application site? For fucks sake this would be my dream job.

  18. Spoken X Digital Media Group

    You can look at this thing lots of ways while criticizing these millionaire artist. Even Dr. Dre did not get this backlash because his core fans are about the hustle–the ‘ Get Rich Or Die Trying ‘ theory of , 50 Cent : It’s about making money in the new era of a gold rush , ladies and gentlemen. What’s $ 20.00 USD dollars to participate with your favorite artist to watch them compete in a space among billionaires and witness them soar or flop. I’m sure , Jay Z and Beyonc’e would redistribute some of that new wealth to America soup kitchens, college funds and many more charities. It’s better to have ‘ Free Enterprise ‘ as one top fan opposed to one million twitter and facebook follower–fans that’s on the social rolls for free and really not paying out of pocket to uplift you as an artist even to the state of overhead reimbursement. . .Literati X

  19. Art

    Sorry people, again this is the music industry just not understanding the change in people’s attitude. Adapt or die.

    • FarePlay

      Adapt is such an affront to individuality. Adapt to what? Who is behind the changes you’re asking creators to adapt to and what is behind their motivation? How is adapt different than accept? There is a great deal wrong with the world, do we simply adapt?

      The changes to the music business aren’t driven by consumers, but the choices that were presented to consumers by internet piracy and interactive music streaming services. These aren’t pro-active, sentient choices being made by consumers. They didn’t stop buying music to make it happen. They were given opportunities to stop paying for music.

      Either musicians and songwriters decide that their work has value and restrict how it is distributed or they accept that someone is screwing them out of their money. And it isn’t the consumer.

      • Art

        Do I really need to explain this…..this is about distribution of music. I don’t need to go to a record store, I don’t need to buy a physical piece of vinyl of tape anymore. The internet has change the distribution of music. This should be a happy thing….broader reach, more direct access to fans, being able to get out from the control of the labels. But instead of seizing the opportunity this board is just filled with closed minded bitching about Spotify. Get over it, it’s not going away. Adapt or die. the labels are making lots of money…….the musicians aren’t…..and again, tell me why this is Spotify’s fault?

        • FarePlay

          The problem isn’t with technology, the problem is with the individual’s running the companies. Same with piracy. Opportunists will always find a way to game the system to their advantage. That’s why it is important to not adapt without evaluating the deal.

          Isn’t that the problem? Too many trusting artists simply accepting the deals presented to them. The only way to dig out of this hole is to limit the music available on these services.

          Now, Art this is where you tripped up. First, I didn’t mention Spotify in any of my comments on this post, although I could have. Second, the labels clearly cut themselves a better deal, but it still isn’t enough money and it is really just a diversion in the discussion anyway, as is piracy. But you know that.

          • Anonymous

            This may be an unpopular opinion, but if you develop music software that lots of people like to use, maybe you actually deserve to make a lot of money?

            It’s no different in principle to if you create music people like to hear, you deserve a lot of money.

            In this case, there are a lot of people who are fans of Spotify.

    • Versus

      Why is it the creators who have to adapt?
      The listeners can just as well be the ones who have to adapt.
      For example, they might have to adapt by actually obeying the law.

  20. small labe1

    how much you want to bet that a lot of those negative comments (that were selectively clipped out of the positive ones by the agend… I mean article writer) were corporate damage control from the competition (ie Spotify) who stands to lose out on their IPO if Tidal makes waves…
    People are soo easily duped to follow the crowd.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the full thread too… like, was that the dominant response? were there more positive comments that were obviously clipped out to make the writers point? Don’t be sheeple…

    • Ari Herstand

      The comments were overwhelmingly negative. You can see for yourself by visiting any of the artists’ public Facebook Pages.

    • Art

      I can’t imagine many people having anything positive to say about that train wreck of a press conference. That whole silly signing a document thing, can they be anymore pretentious??

      • Name2

        Which kind of makes me think Madonna’s “table-humping” was something of a jab. Don’t know what it meant yet, but I liked it.

  21. Heiko Schmidt

    I believe the main problem is that JayZ hasn’t thought that really trough.
    I understand that he had to trophy hunt another streaming service after his friend just got lucky to sell his for 3 billion $ to Apple. We have seen it, one starts making money with an urban clothing line, energy drink, watch manufacturer…..sure I have to have that too. That’s how it works, always did.
    Working a niche, lending the own reputation, building followers, making money.

    But streaming is an infrastructure and asset play, and that isn’t a niche. And streaming is economically a lose- lose proposition anyway. Why ?
    There are only 300,000 hit songs in the world making more than 700$/year. Every radio, every streaming service is trying to get a portion of this business because that is what consumers want to have and willing to pay for, either with real $ or with tolerating advertisement.
    Everyone with deep pockets, from Apple to Samsung is competing with the same 300,000 songs for customers
    and because stiff competition, subscription prices will go down. But the number of potential customers stays the same. And finally Apple will sell Computer and Cell phones so as Samsung and can afford running a service with negative cash flow as part of their marketing spends.
    So who is the winner ? Probably Apple and Samsung but no one in the music community.

    An idea like Tidal and making content exclusive for a specific time sounds attractive and makes good headlines. But that’s about it. It will hurt the high profile artists who owns it as well as every other one who joins this model.
    The business model of Madonna and JayZ is not selling music, that is a tiny fraction of their total income. They make money with their personal public profile and as only a small number of hardcore fans will follow this call to Tidal to get their hands on a record for a premium price, the very large rest of their “fans light” will move on to other music or artists or streaming services. And artist owned or not, no company can own a whole market to dictate the rules. And there is the reality:
    The biggest Angst of a high profile celeb is losing relevance. And as soon as they will experience this because of this experiment, they will leave the “Tidal club”.

    And for the ones with a lower profile: Making your content pricy and exclusive will not help to raise your public profile. Nor will people start streaming your music because of it.

  22. Christian

    I think most of these artists are just friends of Jay-Z and wanted to support him,

  23. Anonymous

    Lossless is fuckign bullshit btw, like $3000 audiophile cables. Look up the double-blind studies lossless and lossy can not be told apart. I hope this doesn’t start a trend because lossless music easily takes up 30x more bandwidth – it’s going to turn mobile services into shit for everyone.

  24. Me2

    The owerwhelming negativity comes I think from the confluence of two factors.

    A. Not wanting to pay for music, or thinking that they shouldn’t have to. Why would anyone when “It’s free on YouTube”?

    B. Not wanting to support but rather tear down those who are perceived as ‘greedy’, ‘elite’ or ‘just in it for the money’.

    There were a few responses I noticed that seemed to support then idea of an artist owned platform, but most just didn’t seem to buy it.

    It gives me less hope for the fans. Haven’t really felt like they’ve had the artist’s back for some time. It’s like they want to see these endeavors fail. But of course we are talking about the top percent of the business here, not the vast majority of artists.

  25. Anonymous

    Pop stars are the agents of oppression and ignorance!

  26. Jake n dem

    Some people are not afraid of anything and dont want perpectual disdain, they would rather want certain people to ‘wake up’. I dont think the fans care who owns their share in a ‘star company’ or music, they just wanna listen to it. So whats he trying to prove? That he’s a tech innovator or god? Its laughable and serious at the same time- a bit like a joker

  27. Versus

    Those social media comments truly make me lose faith in democracy, since democracy requires that its citizens are actually capable of rational thought, not to mention some degree of conscience.

    The recurring mindless points:
    1. Why should I pay when I can steal?
    2. Real artists shouldn’t care about money (because obviously “exposure” will pay the rent and feed the children).
    3. Robin Hood was right. If you are already rich, then I not only allowed but actually right to steal from you.
    4. If you care about money, then clearly you don’t care about anything else..

    All very conveniently self-serving rationalizations.

    • Anonymous

      Those social media comments truly make me lose faith in democracy, since democracy requires that its citizens are actually capable of rational thought, not to mention some degree of conscience.

      I know people want to believe a democracy exists, and it could, but it just doesnt…

      I wish it wasnt true, but thats just the reality of the situation, we do not live ina democracy…

      Luckily it isnt too bad and its not some totalitarian dictatorship, but it is no democracy, period…

      When political parties and politicians can only ascend to a position of power through large amounts of funding, then they have a duty and obligation, regardless what anyone else says, to take care of those that fund them, meaning those who fund them are the ones whos voices get heard, and while i do understand they try their best to keep the a peoples desires in check and view, ultimately when it comes down to it, your voice is only as powerful as the number on your funding cheque, so then if i vote, im essentially aligning my ethics and values with the biggest funders to that party, and that could be some oil drilling slave driving killers, we dont really get that information, therefore it is foolish for me to vote, as i cant ascertain the information i need to about the party and who funds it to better understand the true nature of the party and their diesres and values and ethics and beliefs…

      That is why we dont live in a democracy, its more like a Corporatocracy… They then have to go on massive PR campaigns in an effort to first just even get people to vote and second get them to vote for them, then they can rise to the position of power they need, and tow that fine line between party values and funder values, which im sure they try to align, but niowhere in there do my values come into question… My local politician isnt phoning me up to ask me what i think about something, to ask me where i stand on some choice or decisions, all they need is my vote to get their numbers to the point they win the seat, then im useless to them, as they have a right and duty and obligation to ensure they keep those who actually fund them happy, im just a middleman who gets no cut, im a means to an end for a politician… And dont get too bent out when i say that, its the way it is, most of them are just doing what they have to do, working their job, taking it as it is right now, and its just the nature of the beast, without funding they have zero chance, without appeasing who funds they have no funding, so they have to, but that isnt democracy…

      Thats why i love edisons vote machine that got kaiboshed, i see democracy only possible through centralized computers, where each person gets their say in every decisions if they so choose, otherwise they can give their voice or authority to someone else who then makes their decision for them, by choice… I just fear that the a peoples are nowhere near engaged enough or educated enough or involved enough or care enough, i dont think with the proliferation of information and media and all the propaganda and misinformation out there, that anyone truly knows enough anymore to be able to make sound decisions on the future of things, politicians possibly included within that…

      It all just seems like one big dog and pony show, all just entertainment, its crazy…

      One thing for sure, we do not live in a democracy, whether or not that is really bad, its tough to say, maybe those people in those jobs are simply the most qualified, i dont know, but one things for sure, i have no voice, i have no say, i have no power, in the way its all setup, and so long as the all mighty dollar and the corporate reign continues, they will only have their best interests at heart, and i assure you, they never contact me to get my vote or thoughts on anything, which is why i retain my vote and keep my power so that my voice actually matters, because once you pass it off to someone else to speak and think and vote on your behalf, you lose all right to speak, you lose all right to have an opinion…

    • Anonymous

      There is no democracy there is only a republic and it’s bought and paid for by the rich. “The people” are just braindead reality show watching idiots. This isn’t some conspiracy theory this just how the way it is.

  28. Mr Andrew

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    • Anonymous

      WELCOME TO ILLUMINATI,; the Club of the Rich and Famous; is the world oldest and largest fraternity made up of 3 Millions Members.We are one Family under one father who is the Supreme Being. In Illuminati we believe that we were born in paradise and no member should struggle in this world. Hence all our new members are given Money Rewards once they join in order to upgrade their lifestyle.; interested viewers should contact us; on..(ymcmbworldmoney@outlook.com)or call Mr Andrew fore more info..+2349035553397

      Not very likely…

      I think all these celebrity people and entertainment are all just frauding and fronting that they are something they are not, i think its bogus b.s…

      The Illuminati at its core does not operate like that, does not restrict its members to solely the rich or to some religious faction, no way no chance, so these jayz’s and these god people, if they say they are Illuminati, are lying in order to either misdirect or to generate hype or monger fear, but certainly nothing else…

      It is possible that some new school wall streeters etc. have formed some club, but i assure you, it aint the illuminati…

      Like doorknob doughnut good for nothing bieber is some Illuminati member, give me a freaking break haha, hes just a petty little egg tossing dui driving thief, unable to create his own brand and image and sound and has to employ others while claiming the credit so he can put the front on to and for his bieliebers so they will continue to think hes god almighty, and then he and his a peoples will steal other peoples property just to get their inspiration and ideas, and then because hes shaking presidents hands and with the mono conglomerate oil drilling slave drivers, we are supposed to kneel to him and his power and influence?? that aint Illuminati, sorry to say…

      They are just some corporate club that care about making money by any means necessary and are fronting around causing chaos and messing with minds, luckily for them they are in control of the outlets and can censor who they want and then claim theirs is good for the a peoples and good for the children, when in reality the only thing family about their show is the la familia bullying extorting money hoarding of it and nothing more, its pathetic… Theyve let the wrong clubs attain power, at least as an impartial observer that is how it looks to me, but im not worth anything and i have no value to society and my voice doesnt matter, so they rule and control and thats the way it is, at least they arent genociding or soylent greening and at least there is enough balance and justice that the system has a lot of good to offer to people, it is better then ever, but still i think if that club got their way, it would be just another natzi like run done in a different way, but hopefully im wrong…

      Besides, Weve all see Josie and the Pussy Cat Dolls, we know what those businesses are filled with…

      There are hardly a group of people more snakey and charlatan then da beebz and his crews etc.

      I believe its likely the true Illuminati would be great in power, are mostly scholars and care about rights, freedom, peace, justice, freedom of speech and choice, and science and fact and truth and humanitarianism, none of that bogus stuff, they certainly aint that money cluuuuub that those people are in, who knows what it is though, dont really care, just dont want them to bother me anywhere…

      The Illuminati is nothing to be scared of, these weird occult like god kneeling ego narcissistic Caesars who are lying and fronting and frauding and selling Eiffel towers, yeah, they are certainly something to be scared of, but not for their superior intelligence, for their dough brains and odd peculiar beliefs and intentions…


  29. Name2

    Hoo Boy.

    Last 2 days, front page of Tidal has offered many opportunities for Rihanna and Beyonce exclusives.

    Boy, am I excited.

    Right now, on the front web page, there’s a young lady in a T-shirt pulling back her leather jacket and showing me the general shape of her nipples.

    I wonder how they sound at 44.1/16?

    • Name2

      So yeah, for once my mood is reflected in the chosen DMN graphic (the Arcade Fire album art.)

    • Name2

      Okay, apparently this young lady is Rihanna. One of the press conference participants. Since she didn’t hump the table, I’m passing.

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