Former Owl City Member Charged With Sexually Preying on Underaged Girl


ex owl city member daniel jorgensen
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Daniel Jorgensen

Daniel Jorgensen, a former touring member of Owl City, has been charged with sexual contact with a minor and child luring.

Jorgensen is charged with making sexual contact with a 14 year old girl while on tour in Atlantic City two years ago. He contacted the girl online and by phone prior to the tour date, encouraging her to meet him.

He is accused of then trying to lure her to a hotel to have sex.

Jorgensen is currently 30 years old. He faces up to 10 years in prison for child luring and 18 months for sexual contact. Bail is set at $100,000.

Owl City fired Jorgensen when allegations began to surface in December 2013.

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  1. SexAndViolence Tabloid News

    Hey Nina, TMZ/Fox just called and said they’re not going to hire you after all. You’re overdoing it even compared to their own standards of trash tabloid sleaze.

  2. Awful

    Even the real news on this site sucks and is sensationalist.

      • Anonymous

        The reason people used to read DMN in the past was for the music BUSINESS news. There are specialist blogs for sex/murder scandal news. If we wanted to read about sex scandals all day long, we would head there. The same way if we wanted to read about pastry, we would go to a pastry blog, not to a motorcycle or a shoes blog.

        But now its clear that DMN has decided to leave the field of music business journalism to others. So you’ve decided to lose your usual readership and to attract another type of readers ( the Fox news/TMZ/ Uk Tabloids kind ) that is maybe more financially rewarding .Wich is fine. But maybe you should think about changing the misleading name of this blog now to something more accurate for your future readers.

        • Vail, CO

          Will you stop trolling? Nina writes articles calling people out because she has the courage to do that and doesn’t give a crap about heckling haters. Go read Billboard if you want cotton candy bullshit.

          • Nina Vail

            Good thing Nina can congratulate herself by writing as Vail. ‘Cause it’s getting very lonely in here..

          • Vail, CO

            Nope, wrong again. You should go back to defending pedophiles.

          • Anonymous

            Not attacking Nina, but it’s courageous to call out pedophiles? Dude, even other guys in jail beat their asses….lol

  3. Nina Vail

    See, DMN’s marketing is now awkward. People that used to read DMN for the music business news have now all left the building, and gone to other more serious websites. And TMZ readers and people who are interested in the scandalous sex lives of the rich and famous have no interest whatsoever in Spotify’s future IPO or Universal’s business model.
    So you should make up your mind on who is your audience.

    • Vail, CO

      This is a story about someone in Owl City, a prominent band, who preyed on a 14 year old and potentially ruined that person’s life. So you’re advocating that it not be published? The industry should be happy for authors like Nina. Sorry if that’s not “Business” enough for you, it matters to people like me who are actually in the industry and want to know who’s really who.

      • Sarah

        I agree. It matters…I don’t care what he’s singing…i don’t want to be listening to a man who tries to lure 14 year old girls in his hotel room for sex. Might as well be listening to a band staring charles manson.

      • Sarah

        I agree. It matters…I don’t care what he’s singing…i don’t want to be listening to a man who tries to lure 14 year old girls in his hotel room for sex. Might as well be listening to a band staring charles manson. Thankyou for letting us know!! ❤

  4. Hey Nina

    How come we never saw DMN cover Michael Jackson with such National Enquirer style reporting? Enough already. Let’s get back to news related to the industry (marketing, people, business, tech, etc.).

    • Anonymous

      They won’t go back to industry news, their new target audience is National Enquirer/TMZ/etc , it’s just that their old usual audience haven’t completely understood it yet.

      • Sorry Billboard

        DMN’s ripping your pants down. You should try to write better articles instead of trolling them on BS and defending pedophiles.

  5. Anonymous

    This site needs to turn their N to the side

    DMZ aka Degrading Music Zone


  6. Name2

    Big picture being missed here.

    1) Dre == always bad and evil, so his settled past is regurgitated monthly, because booga booga.

    2) If you object, you’re an evil misogynist who supports assaulting women and rape.

    3) To justify monthly future “stories” about Dre’s past, “prove” that DMN commentariat loves rape and assault because they’re not in the cheering section at the latest witch trial (which hasn’t even occurred yet).

    THEREFORE ===>

    4) Monthly “stories” about Dre’s past are necessary because the DMN commentariat loves rape and assault and needs to be schooled on these matters.


  7. AnnissaLee

    As a woman in the music industry, I appreciate stories that call attention to the issues facing women and underage fans. My hope is that by bringing attention to these matters, we are helping to educate the future generation that this sort of abuse will not be tolerated. The music world has long been on unequal footing with the rest of the business world in regard to issues such as this and it is about time things start changing. If this kind of story is not your cup of tea, then don’t click on it. Simple.