Want Prince’s New CD? It’s Only $25.58 on TIDAL

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The album is also included as an exclusive within a $9.99 or $19.99 TIDAL subscription, or separately, as a $9.99 MP3 download (high-fidelity FLAC and ALAC versions are $17.99).


6 Responses

  1. Frank

    Or it’s $13.98 on Amazon, plus free 2-day shipping if you’re Prime.

    So, Tidal charges 50% more than Amazon so that Prince, clearly a starving artist, can make more money. So laughable.

  2. Homie

    How is it 25 bucks if it’s also available to download for 10 bucks? Where is the 25 dollar price coming from?

  3. Muxxix

    He doesn’t wonder. Everything he does proves that he’s totally oblivious to just about, everything.

  4. DavidB

    It’s also available to download on iTunes, though not to stream on Apple Music. I guess that the Tidal exclusivity claim only applies to streaming. Why the CD should cost so much from Tidal I have no idea. Are you sure it isn’t some special deluxe edition?

  5. Conor G

    I don’t see why an artist like Prince can’t sell his tracks and CDs from his own website, or from Bandcamp (see Thom Yorke) or else. Or at plan some kind of windowing where the album is available only there for a short time, where he gets the better margins and all the data. While keeping the fans happy.