You Have Less Than 24 Hours to De-Activate Your Apple Music Account

Your Apple Music free trial may have already turned into a paid account, depending on when you signed up.  If that hasn’t happened yet and you don’t want to subscribe, here’s a succinct guide to changing your settings to avoid automatic billing of your credit card.

iTunes desktop:

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iOS iPhone/iPad:

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23 Responses

  1. frank

    Why would I want to deactivate my account when AppleMusic so lovingly has raped my cover-art? When AppleMusic insists I log-in to my account 40 times before I can start streaming? When it doesn’t show the status of downloads/saved for offline listening selections, leaving me to wonder on which day next week they’ll be downloaded. When the albums in my Albums tab/folder/section are lovingly cataloged in alphabetical order . . . not by album title, no that would be logical and intuitive, no, albums are cataloged by the artist name, and THEN subfoldered by album title. Why would I want to deactivate AppleMusic when the competence behind its functionality is right up there with the competence behind Tidal’s celebrity-studded launch event?

    Signed, someone has/has had several iPhones, MBs, MBP etc — so please: no accusations of being an Apple hater ok?

    • heyfrank

      All the other issues you are having suck, but just fyi you can sort by album title. I think that has been a settings since iOS 7 or 8. Settings -> Music -> Sort By

    • Anonymous

      Do you want people who aren’t using Apple Music to get charged $10 simply because they forgot to cancel? Your wanting money from people who aren’t using it is about as cool as consumer’s wanting music for free: it’s greedy and dishonorable.

      No one who uses and likes Apple Music is going to cancel just because they’re shown how to do so.

      However, this is a handy reminder that will save the people who aren’t using it from losing money on something that they get no value from.

      • GGG

        Sure, it will make up for the albums a huge number of these people likely pirated or streamed illegally.

      • GGG

        Clicks > your moral highground. Got it. At least you’re finally openly admitting it. thumbsup

        • Charlotte Hassan


          I’m not sure playing Apple fanboy is the morally superior choice.

          • GGG

            It’s not about having to be an Apple fanboy. He runs a site constantly crusading for artist pay (good!) and showing how recorded music revenue is dying, then tells everyone how to stop one of the few ways left to put money into recorded music (stupid!), all while making a post about the coming illegal alternative every single day for a week.

          • Paul Resnikoff

            Actually that was me above, not Charlotte. But, GGG, let’s debate this. I suppose Apple is more part of the solution than let’s say Aurous, but not by much. Remember, Apple is signing ‘black box’ deals with the major labels, who systematically never pay their artists.

            We now have this confirmed by Lady Gaga’s manager during the peak of her career. We’ve also see Lady Gaga’s contract, which shows exactly how this non-payment was done. At the highest point in Lady Gaga’s career, she was signed to Interscope/UMG, where Jimmy Iovine was CEO.

            Now, Iovine is a top executive at Apple Music.

            So, you want to give me a morality trip for telling people how to unsubscribe from getting ‘accidentally’ billed on their credit cards for Apple Music?

          • GGG

            Ok, fine, “morality” was a poor choice of word to get my point across. The point is still that Apple Music is a legal, (potentially) good thing for recorded music. I’ll be the first one to get behind you about labels dicking over artists, but I mean, what is your big picture argument about anything then? That’s always been the case, whether its physical, digital or streaming, so unless you start posting articles with artists’ PO boxes where people can mail them cash, I’m not sure what, exactly, you’re advocating with this.

            And yea, as I said to someone else, I’m perfectly fine with people “accidentally” being charged (even though it’s not an accident, if people paid attention they knew when it was coming) because we both know a solid number of these people pirated or illegally streamed music at some point. The best thing we can do is have a bunch of dormant accounts not playing music throwing some money into the coffers. Is that “moral?” Maybe not, so sure, you got me.

            Bottom line is I find it odd that a site obsessed with recorded music revenue and anti-taking advantage of artists (as you should be, and do well at sometimes) would actively make sure money isn’t thrown in the pot.

          • Anonymous

            “The point is still that Apple Music is a legal, (potentially) good thing for recorded music”

            You made a great point about Paul’s pro-piracy campaign.

            But I fail to see how killing iTunes can be a ‘good thing for recorded music.’

            😐 The real Anonymous 😐

          • GGG

            Because I don’t see a world in which the masses go back to a physical medium. It’s not for any actual desire to head to streaming or whatever comes next.

            If you have some Illuminati secrets I missed last meeting, please share them…

  2. Anonymous

    I’m keeping mine. It has lots of hard-to-find albums I couldn’t get on Spotify.

  3. Jimbo Iovine

    funny how outlets aren’t telling people how to deactivate their free spotify trial. seems like DMN wants Apple to fail.

    • GGG

      It makes no sense….

      “BEWARE OF AUROUS, WHICH WILL BE WORSE THAN NAPSTER AND NOBODY WILL GET PAID!! Also, here’s how to stop paying for legal, streaming music.”

      • Anonymous

        Yea right? Seriously, Paul, WTF? Streaming isn’t going away. What exactly is the point in trying to harm the only tech company that gives a damn about artists?

        • B3

          Paul just hates the establishment because no one takes him seriously…

  4. Name2

    This is just like that time I got that phone call “from Windows” about all the viruses on my computer.

  5. Name2

    Yeah, I just opened up some Ticketmaster spam (Whoopi Goldberg at Valley Forge. Jim Breuer at Santander. Who knew?) and included was a link to a free 3-month trial of Apple Music, so…… “sketchy”? I’m looking for “sketchy” in your article, right?

  6. v