‘How to C’ Auto-Completes to ‘How to Cancel Apple Music’ on Google

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8 Responses

    • Vail, CO

      It’s probably tailored to you, maybe you’re into culinary stuff. Try it in Chrome Incognito mode.

  1. DavidB

    I got most of the same results, which have nothing to do with my own search history. I tried quinoa once, and hell will freeze over before I try it again.

  2. Mac

    Except it doesn’t… I’m on a public computer that gets wiped daily. No mention of Apple Music.

  3. lroosemusic

    Chrome in incognito produced a bunch of cooking questions for me. Nothing regarding Apple Music.

  4. Christ

    Just have to say that the mobile version of your site is truly awful. I’m quite in awe of how bad you’ve managed to make it. Well done.