MP3 Skull Getting Wiped from the Internet In 3… 2…1…

MP3 Skull Coming Soon!
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Last month, we witnessed ShareBeast get completely wiped from the internet by the RIAA, US Department of Justice, FBI, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (NIPRCC), and US Department of Homeland Security, with a US District Court judge authorizing the TLD (‘Top Level Domain’) removals.  This month, the teardown is happening in Florida, where Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) are all trying to bury MP3 Skull, a repository of pirated links that draws tens of millions of users.

In the latest salvo, the RIAA asked a Florida District Court judge to issue a default judgement against the MP3 Skull pirate hub, and impose $22.2 million in statutory damages along with a permanent injunction that would block all domain name registrars from working with the site.


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Just this morning, shifted to, MP3skull,info, and a variety of other domain names, with top-ranked Google listings still intact.  The ‘.to’ designation ties back to the island of Tonga, though that’s just the registrar country.  As for ‘.wtf,’ that doesn’t seem to have a specific country designation.

That raises questions of where in the world MP3 Skull is located, and court filings indicate the site has failed to respond to complaints (initiating the request for the default, $22.2 million judgement and subsequent shutdown of all domains).

Written while listening to the ‘Nice Hair with the Chainsmokers’ podcast.


18 Responses

      • Remi Swierczek

        …and the alternative is $2 a month premium subscription streaming and $0 dollars a month YouTube!

        Welcome to $20B sub and ad suportednmusic industry in 2025.

        Mr. Grainge and Mr. Morris have some honor and go!

  1. doktor audio

    shutting down the candy store after everybody got some will not raise our eyebrows

  2. Whack-a-Mole!

    Great strategy! The founders of MP3 Skull are already working on the replacement.

  3. Versus

    Good, but too late, and what’s to prevent its next evil incarnation?

    Also, what about penalties for the uploaders and downloaders who use the site?

  4. Anonymous

    “a permanent injunction that would block all domain name registrars from working with the site”

    Now, that is awesome!

    • Rando

      If this goes thru, it would be that domain registrars that honour a random US law would have to comply; almost all domain registrars are outside of the US and, thus, would not have to honour the ruling.

      This is why they spread their TLDs around a little, to see which ones stick. MP3Skull isn’t going anywhere, aside from maybe having to hop domains a few times.

  5. Rikki

    the RIAA has never sued anyone Black, ebay allowed hard drives of mp3s to be sold for years as long as it was rap hip hop mashups

  6. Mamba

    Mp3skull can be blocked at any cause, as they are not hosted under top level domains, but still there are many alternatives like etc……

  7. Bmanman

    These types of music downloads should be free. They are typically lower quality sounding songs and take quite a bit of work to sift through all the bad versions. You have to work for the scraps, nothing wrong with that if you want it free. Artists/entertainers should be happy that fans are listening and downloading their songs as this brings more people to their shows and concerts where they will generate the revenue. They should work for their billions of dollars ex. performing concerts/appearances/shows not just get royalties for recording a song. Most people who use these websites can’t afford to pay $2-5 a song on the App Store so these enormous record labels can get richer. We already pay for the devices, we shouldn’t have to pay for every dam thing it is capable of doing.

  8. Jay

    I would love to find out just how much money they are spending collectively (Lawyers fees etc) To wiping these sites out. I get the feeling it is costing more than MP3SKULL has taken from them over the years.

    Bear in mind too, all that happens is a new site merely takes it’s place.

  9. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with downloading a song for free if you never had any intention of buying it anyway??? Nothing is lost? Free advertising is gained should that music be played for everyone to here. Maybe a listener will be attracted to that particular song and then ask “Hey who was that band?”