File-Swapping Giant ShareBeast Ripped Down by the FBI

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ShareBeast was one of the largest file-swapping sites in the world.  But based on massive and willful copyright infringement, the FBI has seized the domain.

Prior to the teardown, the RIAA had submitted more than 100,000 takedown notices for ShareBeast links to Google.  Other than that, ShareBeast seemed totally legal.  “This is a huge win for the music community and legitimate music services,” proclaimed Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) president Cary Sherman.

“ShareBeast operated with flagrant disregard for the rights of artists and labels while undermining the legal marketplace.”

So what about other blatant infringers?  Mega-infringers like MP3skull still remain at large.  That is raising questions about the effectiveness of groups like the RIAA, a flimsy enforcer at best.  Sherman himself has been criticized for pulling a multi-million dollar salary while aggressively cutting the RIAA’s critical ranks.

The result may be too few soldiers in a war that demands constant fighting and resources.  Indeed, Hollywood has been hammer-dropping the hardest of late.  Heavy domain-snipping and favorable court decisions now emerging in European countries like Austria, Denmark, and most recently, Norway.

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  1. dcguzman

    In other news, I visited torrentfreak right away after read this title on this site home page. And unsurprisingly both articles are the same, with torrentfreak have the complete detail. Just to show how this site is a pirate itself and a hypocrite.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I hadn’t read Torrentfreak’s article on this prior to your comment, but now that I’ve skimmed it, I’d agree that it’s more extensive. And that’s all good, they felt it merited a lot more ink. In terms of the similarity, well I think that’s common sense: it’s a site getting its TLD snipped, not too complicated of an event. And yes, pretty obvious to tie that to what’s happening in Europe.

      • dcguzman

        Your reply to me wont change the fact that you copy paste articles. What about the exact clone copy you made with music ally article on BPI BBC royalties? Isnt that a coincidence that its the same word per word?

        • Paul Resnikoff

          I think your criticism is unfounded. I didn’t even read the Torrentfreak article before writing this, nor did I know it existed. The similarities are undoubtedly related to covering the exact same event, and a simple one that at.

          • dcguzman

            Oh please had enough of that excuse. Its not only me who is calling you out with these click bait and copy paste articles. Im here for the so called inevitable music stream armageddon and Lucian Grainge resignation from UMG articles. And of course, the revival of physical media sales after music streaming are long gone. So why arent you making those kind of articles?

          • lol

            You’re comment is incomprehensible. Please get some education (any should suffice) and then re-do your comment so it doesn’t seem like a small child or someone with a limited understanding of English wrote it. Also, please don’t encourage anyone to write MORE articles on the decline of physical sales… That subject is fucking played out that it’s almost as bad as the garbage that the major labels (like UMG…) pretend is music that they then payola into our ears every single day.

          • dcguzman

            So much irony with that post:

            Search the website future-of-music and end-era-starbucks-will-soon-stop-selling-cds

            I can post more articles about doom and gloom of digital downloads and physical CD sales, but youre either new here or too naive of this website. Meanwhile, Im listening to new live album of Pantera on Spotify while typing this. Aint music streaming great?

  2. Anonymous

    “too few soldiers in a war that demands constant fighting and resources.”

    This is an incredibly true statement.

    What is the solution?

    • dcguzman

      First thing is for pirate sites like this website to change there ways and make original and legal content. As what MJ says in the song:

      I’m Starting With The Man In
      The Mirror
      I’m Asking Him To Change
      His Ways
      And No Message Could Have
      Been Any Clearer
      If You Wanna Make The World
      A Better Place
      Then Make A Change

    • dcguzman

      As for your comment, 2 words; lossless audio. The service that hosts lossless audios will easily replaced losing physical media revenue, if only theres a individual songs versions. Which this website wont recognized or acknowledge. But at the same time other so called digital music news websites arent giving solutions either. Theyre more of click bait websites to gain ad revenues. Thats why I always use ad block plus.

      • dcguzman is an idiot

        Wow, are you really old or something? You piss and moan and advocate adblock, yet you keep reading. You sir are an idiot.

        • dcguzman

          It seems you dont know what click bait is. Even you want to avoid this website, you still forced to click to these articles anyway because its always in the top of google search. Im posting here now to give a piece of my mind.

    • Parliament

      Give the people what they want when they want
      And they wants it all the time
      Give the people what they need when they need
      And the need is yours and mine

  3. Rickshaw

    It was RIPPED down, huh? The action by law enforcement was so severe, quick and violent that it could be termed “ripped”? Or was it just normal legal process that led to the shutdown? Sheesh. Double sheesh.