The Weeknd Brings You Marijuana Vaporizers

the weeknd
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The Weeknd, born Abel Tesfaye, has partnered with the San Francisco-based tobacco brand PAX to bring marijuana-flavored vaporizers.  The product is branded with the Weeknd’s trademark ‘XO’ logo, and powers on to The Weeknd’s track ‘The Hills’.

The device features an exclusive black shell with signature artist branding, including custom programming with a yellow LED light and other hidden features.
PAX is the official sponsor of The Weeknd’s Madness tour, hence the device being named ‘The Madness Tour Limited Edition PAX 2’.  Alongside other merchandise, the vape will be sold at each concert of the tour.  Additionally, it will be available in-store at selected PAX retail partners and at for ‘high’ price of $325.

The Weeknd’s distinctive style and trippy, R&B vocals make the partnership with PAX a perfect fit.  PAX has been working on new ways to connect with their customers and fans; this collaboration marks PAX’s first major partnership with a musician. Richard Mumby, Chief Marketing officer for PAX says in a statement, “Music and fashion have always been a natural fit for Pax.”

Mumby then goes on to say, “This was the perfect opportunity to bring together The Weeknd’s style with our technology.”

(Photo by Kayla Johnson Attribution 2.0 Generic, CC by 2.0)

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