Terrorists Win: U2, Prince, Foo Fighters, Motörhead, Deftones, EODM Cancel Shows After Paris Attacks

Terrorized Dog
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Definition of 'Terrorize'
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Foo Fighters
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Marilyn Manson
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Eagles of Death Metal
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Images: Dog by ‘skycaptaintwo,’ licensed via flickr CC by 2.0; U2 performing 360° tour in Gelsenkirchen, Germany on August 3rd 2009 (SteBo, CC by 3.0); Foo Fighters promotional photo; Prince plays Coachella, 2008 by penner@flickr (CC by 3.0); Motörhead Live at Reds by MattMarek (CC by 3.0); Deftones playing Big Day Out, 2011 by Knödelbaum (CC by 3.0); Marilyn Manson playing Kristiansand, Norway by ‘Rockman,’ (CC by 3.0); Eagles of Death Metal shot by SylviaBoBilvia, CC by 3.0.

16 Responses

  1. Rick Shaw

    No, the terrorists didn’t win. Get over yourself with the sensationalist statements.

  2. jesus paul

    c’mon paul! this is a new low for you. clickbait articles to ride the paris attack gravy train.

  3. The Ghost Of Jerry Garcia

    You can’t blame these artists for cancelling their tours. The world’s more dangerous than it’s ever been.

  4. Remi Swierczek


    Let the artists or writers do what they can do the best then convert Radio, TV, confused STREAMING services, Sturbucks or the elevatos $200B global music store!

  5. Name2

    Just remember, kids: Paul R. has no moral compunctions about using your fandom to draw you into a risky, potentially fatal, crowd situation. That’s why he likes EDM festivals so much.

  6. Paul Resnikoff

    I think you guys are missing the point. Having the top, most popular artists in the Western world (with their lyrics of sex, debauchery, fun, etc.) cancel their ENTIRE European tours (or even ENTIRE future of touring in the case of EODM) is exactly the result the terrorists want. Or, at least one of the result.

    • You're missing the point

      I think you’re missing the point. There is a way to be newsworthy without smearing artists for protecting their fans. The bands aren’t in this chess match of war. They have one civic duty: perform in safe environments for their fans. Until they feel their fans are safe again, they are making the right choice. Sensationalist “journalists” such as yourself are simply turning a buck and smearing their name… and for what… 250 more clicks? smh

    • Anonymous

      Yet you want entire music festivals cancelled because a couple kids OD on drugs…

      You need to set up a wall of your house with pictures and string like Carrie on Homeland to keep all your opinions straight.

  7. Statement from Paris Clubs

    Statement from various Paris clubs Issued This Morning:

    “”It is the family of Paris’s night life that was targeted by these attacks, as well as a certain approach to life that we stand for on a daily basis. Music, dancing, sharing, getting together, the social bond, and diversity are values that we represent and that, obviously, were targeted for destruction by these terrorists.

    “This will not work. Today we mourn the loss of our friends and all the victims. But we will not accept that we should live in fear. This is why we have unanimously decided to reopen our venues as soon as possible. Some will open as soon as Wednesday, some next week or the weekend after next, with reinforced security measures, and with the goal to thrill our public more than ever. Nothing and nobody will prevent Paris from dancing.”

  8. James

    It is total BULL for anyone to criticize EODM for canceling shows.

    Absolutely low and thoughtless. Shame.

  9. Derrick

    Wow Paul. I read your site often but after reading this headline I had to make my first post.
    You completely missed the point.

    Do us all a favor and post an apology.

  10. Paul Resnikoff

    I don’t think I’m necessarily criticizing the bands themselves; in fact, in some cases I think they wanted to proceed. After reading the statements from U2, for example, I got the sense that Bono wanted to play but the issue was moot: the French officials have declared a state of emergency, they want things on lock-down until things calm down. Perhaps U2 could have made that more clear, and pumped their fist in defiance to play an entire week of Paris shows once they were allowed (or something like that). But we’re not really seeing that defiance.

    As for Eagles of Death Metal, of course they have the right to not play, they may be suffering from PTSD in the early stages. It’s hard to play those same songs in front of a large, dark crowd again. But please take a step back, and realize that there’s a name for that: ‘terrorized,’ and it’s exactly what these jihadi nut-jobs want to accomplish.

    I point a gun in your face, and kill the person next to you, you are terrorized! I’m not blaming the person for reacting that way, it’s natural. But it’s the aim of terrorism. They want the clubs to be quiet, they want the streets for Paris to be empty.

    They want fear, they want to cow people into submitting and changing their attitudes, lifestyles, etc. That’s what’s going on right now.


    • Name2

      OMG, Resnikoff’s wagging his finger at EODM.

      11/19. Never forget.

  11. Choc Donut

    The more Foo shows cancelled, the better. What a complete waste of aural space…

  12. Crunchy

    U2 rescheduled their dates, they are returning as soon as they could in accordance with their and the venue’s schedule, they’ll be in Paris dec 6th and 7th