Rdio Is Terminating All Subscriptions on Monday

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Unclear is when Rdio is shutting down, though all subscriptions will be terminated effective November 23rd.  The news follows Rdio’s march into bankruptcy proceedings, with debt loads topping $220 million and per-month losses exceeding $2 million.

Pandora is buying the company for $75 million, pending the results of a potentially protracted bankruptcy proceeding.  In the meantime, Pandora has been forced to pay $2.5 million just to keep the lights on for the next few weeks.

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12 Responses

  1. El Cabeza

    It’s a sad state of affairs. I’ve been an Rdio subscriber and ardent evangelist since 2010. By far the best interface of any of the on demand streaming platforms. Now I guess my Rdio friends and I will have to move over to Spotify and re-create our playlists and favourites and downloads… a sad sad day. I hope Spotify takes a look at what made Rdio great – the community aspect; sharing, commenting, etc.

    RIP Rdio. You will be missed.

    • Anonymous

      The community aspect is also part of what killed Rdio. Heavily requested features were continuously denied because they weren’t “social” and that alone drove away countless potential subscribers.

        • Anonymous

          It was missing one of the biggest features of all. The ability to integrate your own music. This was hugely requested and Spotify, Google Play, Microsoft’s music service (whatever it is called), and Apple Music have this to some extent. The only ones that don’t are dying (Rdio) or are propped up by telco partnerships (Deezer, Rhapsody). Though even Rhapsody allows you to do this indirectly through their desktop app. Deezer could too for all I know. Hard to say, as the company is too idiotic to make their service available stand-alone in the US.

          • LoneRanger

            That is the most redundant feature ever. People complain about it on Apple. I’m sorry but that’s a Red Herring and not what kept people of Rdio; It’s not a heavily requested feature anywhere. Rdio died because the executive team focused on pumping money into the product instead of marketing.

          • Anonymous

            Yet it has been one of Spotify’s top selling features for years. It has been one of top promoted features of Google Play. It was by far the most requested feature on Rdio’s support pages for the entire duration of Rdio’s existence. But no one wanted it…. Okay bro. Whatever you say. I’m sure people really wanted those interface overhauls every 3 months. That brought in a lot of customers.

            Features bring in customers. Not useless shit like Rdio did for years to “enhance” their user experience which was never one of their problems in the first place. It doesn’t matter if we think features are redundant. Customers want what customers want and Rdio ignored customer’s wants. And at the end of the day many of the features they have like radio still sucked. Their app was continuously among the lowest rated apps because of bugs. Their plans were nothing exceptional, especially that copycat plan of Rhapsody’s radio tier.

            This company will be missed by the few hundred thousand who used it. The rest of the world won’t give them a second thought as they enjoy their service from other providers who actually deliver the features they want.

  2. BILL B

    Bar none it was the best service overall. Sadly, Rdio was the best kept secret in the on-demand services world. IT will be sorely missed.

  3. Chris

    Totally agree that this was the best on demand service for music. Clean interface way better than spotify. I also liked the fact that you could download unlimited number of songs with the subscription. The fact that I only discovered this service some months ago, probably has to do with their major problem: it is said that marketing was close to inexistent, and probably that is why they could not take over a significant share of the market. Or how does it come that many of my (music addict) friends had not known about this platform, but really loved it once I showed it to them?

  4. Chris

    I wonder what alternative is out there to switch once Rdio is completely shut down, offering (1) a huge music collection (such as Rdio, Spotify, etc); (2) providing a cleaner interface than Spotify (design is the name of the game); (3) having a good mobile app (such as Rdio); and (4) hopefully also offering unlimited downloads to the mobile app (offline mode). The only things I did not like that much in Rdio were that the caching was bad and sometimes it took a long time to load stuff, and also that you did not have a feature to easily manage “downloaded” music (i.e. you had to enter each album to enable or disable downloads, which could be managed much more intuitive and efficiently)

  5. Rick Shaw

    Good thing Michael Robertson just launched a new Rdio company.

  6. Blahblahblah

    Too effing bad. I’ve been using Rdio since 2012. No desire to pay for crappy Spotify. Or Apple. (Crapple?)