Eagles of Death Metal Say Bataclan Security Participated In Nov. 13th Massacre

What really happened the night of November 13th at the Bataclan in Paris?  Now, the band says Bataclan security may have been in on the plot.

On the night of November 13th, the Bataclan in France was stormed by Islamic extremists who gunned down the place and killed nearly 100 people.  That’s the bloody history, and most assumed that the invasion was nearly impossible for Bataclan security to stop.

Or, maybe it’s not that simple.  Now, Jesse Hughes, lead singer of the band on stage, Eagles of Death Metal, says ‘six or seven’ Bataclan security personnel purposely missed work, with others looking deeply suspicious prior to the show.

“…six or so wouldn’t show up at all.”

Hughes offered more details during an interview with Fox Business News.  “When I first got to the venue and walked in, I walked past the dude who was supposed to be the security guard for the backstage,” the singer relayed.  “He didn’t even look at me.  I immediately went to the promoter and said, ‘Who’s that guy?  I want to put another dude on.’  He said, ‘Well, some of the other guards aren’t here yet.  And eventually, I found out that six or so wouldn’t show up at all.”

The Bataclan has yet to respond to the accusations, and an investigation by French authorities remains ongoing.  That said, the no-shows — if true — represent a scary bombshell in the case.

“Out of respect for the police still investigating, I won’t make a definite statement, but I’ll say that it seems like they had a reason not to show up.”

The Bataclan was ultimately raided by French special forces, who killed three gunmen.  An additional two committed suicide through the use of self-detonating explosive vests.

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  1. Sharon Morine


    About the Bataclan, the previous owners of the Bataclan (40) years sold it just one month before the attacks. Source is Wikipedia.

    Denver, Colorado

  2. Paul Kersey

    Another obvious Gladio operation done by the MOSSAD to spread fear and islamaphobia because France recognized Palestine at the U.N.

    • peter

      Yeah, right Mr “My middle name is antisemitism” and I forgot to attend every class in school that teached how Islam was created and how ISIS and other simply follow the blueprint for a religion created 1400 years ago, and that never been reformed. So lets do it the easy ways, the JUUICE did it.

      • HumanCondition

        ok Mr “My middle name is Islamohater”, have you considered that perhaps neither Israel nor the average muslims ( who are the vast majority on this planet and are neither worse nor better than the average christian or jew) have anything to do with it ? The radical fringe is not called radical for nothing.

      • Peter

        Sorry, don´t fully get the word Islamaphobia. Yes, hate Islam for it’s values and core of it, and don’t want it nearby. Doesn’t mean I have a problem with most muslims though. I find the Mossad thing funny though…like it sits in the spine of so many people to blame them/Israel and not see this for what it is. There’s been a vision and work towards a califat, and against the infidels since Islam was created. And there’s various reasons to hit France without bringing Mossad and Israel into the mix. Just that really…

        • Mite Be

          Yeah, the M is as innocent as the CIA. They don’t do anything 🙂 with all that unbridled power and budgets. GIVE ME A BREAK! These zioneocon scum are all over the US government and Wall St. You gonna tell me these people have no power next? You don’t like conspiracy theories, fine. The Iraq War was no conspiracy. It was right out there for everyone to see, with Perle, Wolfowitz, Kristol, and all the other 2% marching the Pentagon off to the stupidest war in US history, and why? One reason was Saddam was paying Palestinian suicide bombers. You people claim the right to self-defense at any price, you put your country in a stupid place, and then you tell the world, oh we’re so helpless. Meanwhile, you have armies of hackers, and CEOs in hedge funds across the planet, gambling like amoral jerks. You ARE the global enemy, and you keep trying to make the muslims the enemy. The only problem with your stupid game is the Muslims DON”T HAVE THE MONEY and power AND YOU DO! You’re pathetic in your transparency and your weak attempts to deflect responsibility after so much mayhem across the planet the last 20 years. You are really looking for a repeat, but with US nukes, you probably won’t get one, but your welcome in the USA is definitely limited.

      • PiratesWinLOL

        HumanCondition: The average Muslim isn’t like the average Buddhist, Hindu, Jew or Christian. Islam is simply more violent and intolerant. If you look at the relevant polls, a clear global majority of Muslims want sharia law. Majorities in South Asia and the Middle East + North Africa believe that those who leave Islam should be executed and in many countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt and Jordan clear majorities also support stoning as the punishment for adultery. http://www.pewforum.org/2013/04/30/the-worlds-muslims-religion-politics-society-overview/

        You don’t find such violent and intolerant opinions among the followers of any other major religion. It is a simple fact. It is not like it is a coincidence that all this violence has Muslims behind it. Muhammad was a violent man, who killed people and tortured and raped them. He was not exactly like Jesus or Buddah. He was much more similar to for example Warren Jeffs or Jim Jones. Only real difference is that he was much more successful.

  3. Dave

    This, like 911 has the stench of Israel all through it.
    Knowing how deviously deceptive this group is, if any act of terror assists Israel in its quest to kill its neighbors or ensnare the US to do it, one must assume they’re behind it (or at least funded it)

      • Mite Be

        The entire world knows what you people have done in the last fifteen years. You can’t scream anti-semitism any more when you’ve perped massacres across the planet, and destroyed the global economy for your own benefit. You are evil, and you are being exposed. The fact that you as a people don’t seem to get what it means to live in a society of others is going to be your problem AGAIN. Just stop playing the victim card, because it’s completely ludicrous. You ARE THE FATHERs of your crimes, infiltrators.

      • Mite Be

        Well, you sure don’t do you? You just sit around and do nothing for that Disneyland in the sand, right? Goldman Sachs is just benignly doing origami all day, right? Honestly, you people are thjer worst mafia on the planet, and deeply dangerous, but you have done a marvellous job of revisiting the rationales of German history.

    • Ran

      No, of course not. Corporate media sticks to the script when it comes to synthetic terrorism.