Introducing the Unskippable YouTube ‘Bumper Ad’

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YouTube has just announced the addition of another ad.  And you will watch it.

Yes, it’s another YouTube ad, like there weren’t enough already.  But this one is entirely different: YouTube is calling its latest addition a ‘bumper ad,’ which will last six-seconds and can’t be skipped.

Google designed these new ads for smartphone users (roughly half of 18-49 year olds watch videos on their mobile devices).  And the reasoning is simple: YouTube recently discovered that most people using their smartphones tend to skip through the ads as quickly as the service allows them to.  So, in order to get people to actually watch the ads in full, they’ve shortened them down to six seconds.

With the addition of these shorter ads, YouTube aims to reduce the frustration of impatient video watchers who currently have to click ‘skip’ before being able to watch their favorite video.   After all, it’s just six seconds.

The most frustrating thing that the majority of people currently have with YouTube is the ads, with large numbers now blocking ads entirely (and killing artist royalties in the process, another issue entirely).  Some videos currently don’t even have the option to skip the 30-second ad at all, which is the most annoying thing about YouTube for music listeners.

The shorter spots could help advertisers reach their audience more effectively, as people will be more willing to sit through a six-second ad than 30-seconds.  That also goes for music companies promoting fresh content.  But, it’s important to note that this new six-second bumper ad is being rolled out in addition to all the other ads currently running on the service, it’s not replacing them.

(Image by Rego Korosi, Creative Commons, Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic, cc by-sa 2.0)

7 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    It’s a step in the right direction — but it doesn’t make sense as long as YouTube allow adblockers.

    When sites like Wired block adblockers, users just get their news elsewhere.

    But there’s no ‘elsewhere’ in YouTube’s case.

    An adblock-ban on YouTube would mean at least 30-40% more money to right holders.

  2. Bill

    Somebody needs to create a utility that will copy the video (e.g. as an
    AVI) offline, e.g. in a tab you aren’t using on your browser, and then
    you can watch the video while just blowing through the clutter. No
    different than taping or recording a TV show, and then watching it while
    blowing through the trash with the fast forward button. Conversion utilities (e.g. YouTube to AVI) are already available.

    You can also ban advertising hosting sites from your computer by means of the HOSTS file. I don’t ban banner ads but, the instant it starts playing a video, or interjecting something into the middle of the page I haven’t asked for, the responsible site gets an instant and almost certainly permanent ban. Doubleclick has been banned from my computer for years for this reason.

    • Pooll

      My HOST file is not working with pre-video Youtube ads since a recently time ago.
      Are you able to block thems?

  3. enough/w/the/ads/already

    Each time someone visits such websites, the creator makes millions. Please, do not try to feed us this bull crap about losing money. It is just greed and you know it! Lessen the number of ads and you will not have an issue with ad block.

    • Anonymous

      Finally, someone who agrees with me. There is no way the creators of YouTube are hurting for money. These ads are just a way to earn more…..I am tired of it.

  4. Relgold

    Any idea what’s happened to Bumper Ads?

    Youtube announced back in April but I can see no sign of them since.

  5. Anonymous

    Just launch Youtube Red in europe already. I’m sick of it. I’ll pay whatever you want to leave me alone…