Radiohead Says ‘F*(k the Internet’

What Radiohead’s web and social media ‘presence’ looks like today…

I. Site.

Radiohead Site


II. Facebook.

Radiohead Facebook


III. Instagram.

Radiohead Instagram


IV. Twitter.

Radiohead Twitter


V. Google +

Radiohead Google+


VI. …MySpace?

Radiohead MySpace


That last night could be next for deletion, with the band ‘fading out’ or wiping out pages in a staggered fashion.  All of which might be a great publicity stunt ahead of an upcoming release (hey, we wrote about it).  Whether this indicates some deeper message remains to be seen: earlier, frontman Thom Yorke spoke out sharply against Spotify and free streaming, with Atoms for Peace content unavailable (Yorke and bandmates don’t have control over their earlier classics).

Then, there’s this: die-hard fans have been receiving leaflets in the mail (from the actual postal service) with the cryptic message, ‘Burn the Witch’.

6 Responses

  1. Rick Shaw

    That must have been in response to the Internet saying “fuck Radiohead”.

  2. Anonymous

    That is some damn good marketing. I hope their new album does well.

  3. Me2

    Good for them. I guess their attitudes have evolved from that whole “name your price” thing. They join the great halls with the Purple One who said the internet is “completely over”.

  4. Anonymous

    They just released a new song/video on youtube.