Country Artist Pays YouTube for More Views, Gets Illegally Spammed…

Should you pay YouTube to promote your video?

Sounds like a great way to boost views and reach your target, though the reality may be completely different.  Here’s a response we got to Charlotte Hassan’s article about TubeNinja, which is being threatened by YouTube for violating its terms of service.  



This is good stuff.  I am wondering if you or your staff have written or would be willing to write about YouTube’s blatant disregard for their own TOS when it comes to paid promotion and click farms.  Recently one of my clients released her debut video.  Prior to that we were able to generate 300,000 views (w/o any paid promo), 3500 subscribers, and a solid engagement rate ranging from 2%-5%.  We released the video and purchased YouTube promotion.  Our views began to skyrocket and the engagement rate was astoundingly poor (.002%). In the search parameters we specified “Country Music Fans”. The analytical data clearly showed 98% of the views coming from Vietnam, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey, and some Eastern European country.

Again, we PAID for this crap via YouTube.

How is this not illegal?

It’s my understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong) that YouTube has enforced their TOS with Major Labels and indie artists ripping down entire channels for using 3rd party promo companies that sell BS views via click farms.

I feel like if I were to buy Advil at a super discount from a shady home spun back alley distributor and received placebos, shame on me. However, if I went DIRECTLY to Advil, paid full price, expecting to get Ibuprofen and received placebos, that would be completely illegal, am I wrong?

We revisited the parameters and added EXACTLY what countries we wanted and didn’t want, that seemed to help. However, I don’t think anyone could convince me that there were 70,000 country music fans in those 3rd world countries. Especially considering the dismal engagement numbers.

Have y’all written about this? If so, can I have a link?

If not…ya wanna?


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  1. Anonymous

    “Should you pay YouTube to promote your video?”

    lol, why would anyone pay to give their music away for free?

    • lolssss

      lol, you don’t know what the term “promote” means?

      • Anonymous

        Um, that thing you had to pay for back in the day?

      • Anonymous

        Exposure was everything back in the day, but it’s — literally — worthless today.

  2. ©

    Interesting since YouTube views are part of the measurement algorithm for Billboards music charts.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I wonder if paid plays count towards chart positions. That would be interesting to say the least.

  3. Versus

    “some Eastern European country”?
    Because they’re all the same?

  4. Nicky Knight

    I ponder the importance of people like YouTube … it’s such a massively crowded space where everyone wants everything for free ..

    Is it promotion or is it giving your music away for free…?

    Does it devalue recorded music so that all these people just flip-flop from one thing to the next for free without ever buying music from iTunes or taking a subscription with Apple Music or Spotify..